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Two Methods:Shaking Up Your RoutineFinding New Experiences

It can be all too easy to fall so deeply into a routine that your whole life becomes boring. You have the power to break out of your rut and live an exciting life. You might need to step out of your comfort zone in order to figure out what is missing from your life. Once you realize there is nothing stopping you from living the exciting life you want you will never look back.

Method 1
Shaking Up Your Routine

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    Set goals for yourself.[1] Make life a challenge. Think about things you've always wanted to do and then plan how to make it a reality. You are never too young to start working on accomplishing all the things you wanted to do in your life.Go for it with all the gusto you have.
    • Make a to-do list every day. Make the most out of your day by focusing on how much you can accomplish each and every day.
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    Examine your routine. If your weekly schedule is monotonous, mix it up a bit. You might find excitement by changing something as simple as the route you take to work.[2] Try a new dish at your favorite restaurant, or even try a new restaurant! Look for free introductory classes in your community, such as a Zumba exercise class, or participate in a flash mob.
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    Redecorate your home. Paint your walls. Move your furniture. Switching things up around your home can be a fun project that keeps you busy. Creating a change in your environment can help bring about a change in yourself, too.
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    Change up your style. Even if you have great fashion sense already, it's all about changing things up to keep life exciting. This may seem a bit unnecessary, but a new look can lead to meeting new people, and maybe even a new job. You do not have to transform from small town farm girl into a late night clubber. Getting a new look can be as simple as trying a different haircut or color.
    • Wear what you like and don't worry so much about what other people think. When you stop caring if others are judging you for being you, life will seem more fun.[3]
    • Go to a clothing store you like and ask an assistant to help you pick out clothes that are right for you. Try on some clothes that another person pictures you wearing and see how you like them.
    • If you don't know what kind of hairstyle you want, ask your stylist. Let her try what she think would look best on you. Put a little trust into her. As a stylist, making people look good is her job.
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    Go out more. Make an extra effort to get out of the house, even if you have no idea where you are going. Whenever you walk out that door, the possibilities are endless. Make every outing a new adventure by finding ways to occupy your time out in the world instead of at home.
    • Go out with different friends than usual, or visit a nearby place you've never been before. It may seem a bit simple, but a changing your scenery can do wonders.
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    Make adventure a priority. Make the most of your weekends and time away from work. Don't let it slip away while you watch television. Go for a hike, learn to rock climb, take a road trip, rent a kayak and explore a nearby river use your free time to create incredible memories and great stories.
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    Volunteer your time. Volunteering can be personally rewarding and even exciting. You will likely have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and have a lasting impact on their lives. Knowing that you make a difference can definitely make life a little more exciting.

Method 2
Finding New Experiences

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    Expand your comfort zone. Summon your courage. Do something that pushes your boundaries. Try rock climbing, or go on the scariest ride at a carnival or amusement park. It can feel exciting, get your heart pumping faster, and make you feel alive again. When you step outside your comfort zone, you open a door to a new world of exciting experiences.
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    Get out there and mingle. You don't have to ditch your current friends, but try casting a wider net and hanging out with someone new. A co-worker, someone from the gym, or a friend-of-a-friend can introduce you to new experiences, food, music, and perspectives. You can bring some excitement to their life, too.
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    Start up a new hobby.[4] Whether it is painting or playing video games, a new activity is refreshing. Try collecting something you love. Find a club to join of people that share your interest.
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    Take a class to learn something new. Going to school may not seem that exciting, but you could also take a cooking class, an art class, a karate class, or anything else you have a deep interest in learning. Learning new things will help keep you growing as person, even if you are older. You can often find some classes available for you to try for free at your local community center.
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    Travel to new places. Traveling somewhere new is a great way to meet new people and learn about life from a different cultural perspective. Even if you only take a short road trip to the next state it can be incredibly refreshing to discover new places that you have never seen before.[5]
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    Try new foods. Eating at a restaurant with food from another country, or just from a different part of the one you live in, can bring a whole other flavor to your palette. If don't want to spend the money to eat out, you can always look up some new recipes and try cooking them at home.
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    Share your experience with friends. You don't have to do this alone. If you have any friends with unexciting lives, get them to do exciting things with you. It is much more fun, and it will make these memories last twice as long.


  • Remember; you do not have to break the bank on plane tickets or new clothes. You can always get these things on sale or at thrift stores for half the price.
  • Turn off the television and get out and experience life firsthand.

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