How to Make Your Home Greener

Four Methods:Greener Water ConsumptionGreener Energy ConsumptionGreener Disposal and Reduction of WasteGreener Environment

Making your home greener will not only help the environment, it can also ease the strain on your household budget. But whatever your reasons for wanting to make your home greener, stick with it! Working for a cleaner environment is in everyone's interest. This article will show you some ways to make your home more earth-friendly.

Method 1
Greener Water Consumption

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    Run water at off-peak times. Off-peak times are usually from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Many utility companies offer off-peak, reduced energy rates.
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    Turn the water off when brushing your teeth. This is a simple step that can save up to 5 gallons (18.9 L) a day. Imagine how many gallons you would save in a year.
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    Get a water filter for your kitchen. At least you know your water is good and you can do away with plastic water bottles.

Method 2
Greener Energy Consumption

Lighting and Solar Energy

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    Switch your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. They use 75% less energy and last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. It would only take three months to make up for the higher sticker price.
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    Install solar panels and reap the benefits easily. It is important, however, that you do your homework before making the leap. The most important thing you need to consider is the amount of sun your home gets regularly. If your home is shaded, the amount of energy collected from solar panels will be greatly reduced.


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    Wash clothes in cold water. This can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1,281 pounds a year, and saves on your energy bill.
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    Air dry your clothes. The dryer in your home takes up a lot of energy and it is quite simple to just hang your clothes and allow them to air dry. If you do need to use the dryer, then be sure to clean out the lint to help it work more efficiently.


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    When shopping for new appliances, choose the ones where the energy star rating is in the most efficient range. Even if you cannot afford new appliances, you can choose new parts for your old appliances that are much more efficient and will help your old appliances save money and energy like new ones.
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    Unplug appliances that are not in use. Many appliances use energy even when turned off. This is called "vampire" electricity. Kill the vampire and save both energy and money.

Method 3
Greener Disposal and Reduction of Waste

Home and Garden

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    Set up a compost bin. It's an inexpensive way to reduce kitchen and garden waste from your household. By composting leaves, grass clippings, and certain kitchen waste, you can create your own nutrient-rich soil that reduces the need for commercial chemical fertilizers in your garden.
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    Don't throw away coffee grounds. Use them to fertilize your plants. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen so these make great, healthy plant food. Using coffee grounds as fertilizer keeps them out of the landfill, makes it unnecessary for you to purchase and use chemical plant food, and help your plants grow nicely, adding oxygen to the atmosphere. You can also add them to your compost bin.

Paper and Plastic

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    Stop the junk mail. Cutting out junk mail that nobody wants anyway is one of the most effective ways to reduce pollution. A great and easy alternative medium is email. Most businesses have electronic notification and payment options. Choosing these will reduce resource and energy use.
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    Go green on your coffee break by bringing your own cup. If you usually order a Tall Latte at Starbucks, bring a tall re-usable coffee mug with you. Every time you ask your favorite coffee shop to put your drink in your own cup, you are helping to green your environment.

Method 4
Greener Environment

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    Use more eco-friendly cleaners. At least use less of your current detergents and bleaches. Experiment to find the least amount of chemicals you can use to achieve satisfactory results. Use natural cleaning boosters. There are many formulations online. Research these and pick a laundry booster that is biodegradable and requires little energy to produce and distribute.
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    Plant trees around your home. The trees will help provide shade for you home and, therefore, will help keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. It will not require as much air conditioning to keep it at your desired temperature. Deciduous trees lose leaves in the winter, so they will still allow the sun to come in and help heat your home during the winter months.

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