How to Make Your High School Drill Team

Have you ever wanted to make your drill team in high school? It takes a lot of hard work, but it can still be done - luckily!


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    Smile like a maniac. Your smile alerts the judges to the fact that you are willing to learn and give the tryout your best.
    • Always smile, even if you mess up (it's no big deal if you mess up). The judges are a lot more attracted to the girl who is smiling than the girl who is frowning.
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    Learn the dance thoroughly. Don't be that person who gets out there and doesn't know the dance. Don't add anything to the dance; the judges will assume you don't know the dance and want to improvise.
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    Know the point of a dress code. Dress codes are made for you to avoid drawing attention to yourself, and that the judges can focus on your dancing rather than appearance.
    • If you don't have a dress code, wear black jazz pants and a black tank top.
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    Wear makeup. Makeup draws attention to your smile and shows that you are putting effort into this tryout.
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    Say "thank you" to your judges when you finish performing. This shows that you are grateful they judged you and a good person to have on the team.
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    Have your splits. They may not be required in some schools, but it might be in yours. You need your splits, or to be close. They make you more flexible so you can show off in the dance without worrying about being hurt.


  • If you did make it, it's okay to be happy. However, don't be so happy that it seems like you're rubbing your happiness in the faces of those that did not make it.
  • Ask to see your score sheet whether you make it or not.
  • Be gracious if you didn't make the team. Congratulate those who did.
  • If you don't have your splits the night of tryouts, don't push it.
  • Don't be afraid to ask friends who made it to show you basic stuff that they do in practices, that way you know what to get perfected for your next year.

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