How to Make Your Girl Enemy Jealous

Three Methods:Looking The PartActingDANGER: Jealousy Alert!

Do you know that one girl that makes you tick? The one who knows practically everybody? The popular girl who sees you as a nobody? The one who entertains the whole class but you? Read this article to find out how to stop her rein or terror! Or you know, make her jealous …

Method 1
Looking The Part

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    Wear the right clothes. Don't wear the same t-shirt tucked in with shorts she wore last Friday. It just makes you look like you're copying her style. Instead, go shopping and find your sense of style.
    • To get her "followers" to notice you more, but clothes that you like. That way you'll be original and stand out more.
    • If you wear uniform, you can wear cool sweaters over your uniform (if allowed), or different shoes. But there are other ways to stand out.
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    Smile! Smiling makes you seem nicer and attracts new people.
    • You don't have to smile at everyone, but look nice and try to tug up the corners of your lips a little.
    • Try not to frown. If you think of good things, you probably won't frown.
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    Look confident. Even when you don't feel confident, looking the part makes you feel it, too!
    • When you see her, even if you feel anger inside, keep looking pleasant and as if you don't see her.

Method 2

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    Expand your social circle. If you don't have a lot a friends, talk to new people. She may not see you as a threat if you don't have a group.
    • You don't have to make hundred of friends. Just make a group of people you know and get to know them.
    • Choose close friends. That way, they can back you up and you have friends that will be there for you.
    • Know lot of people. Even if they're not friends, talk to new people so everyone at least knows you and thinks you're a cool person.
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    Make sure you give people the right impression.
    • Say your name and talk about anything. It's a good idea to read books and watch movies to find topics.
    • Be friendly and bright, or mysterious if you're shy. But be nice!
    • Be natural and don't rack your brain thinking of clever things to say. Witty things will come with not thinking about it.
    • Be fun. You can crack a joke, or do anything funny.
    • Big Tip: If you're doing this when she is around, don't glance to make sure she's watching. Pretend she isn't there, and talk to your friend.
    • Remember, conversations are to talk about something, not just to make someone jealous.
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    Is she the kind of girl that talks and makes points in class? Do the same! Study and be a Good Student.
    • Whether she flunks every test, or is a teacher's pet, do well in your classes. School is meant for learning, after all.
    • If she is a flunker, just do well and ignore her. She'll be jealous of your straight As.
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    If she is a good student, here's how to deal with her.
    • Participate in class. Ask questions so the teacher (and students) know you're there.
    • Pay attention. If you pay attention, you may find things to point out, or points to make. You're be appreciated for having your own opinions.
    • Ignore her. During class, even if you want to eavesdrop on her for gossip, DON'T. It will look like you're staring at her (awkward) or it will just look weird. Stay focused, it will take stress off having to look popular around her.
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    Find other interests.
    • If you find other things you like, it will give you new conversation topics.
    • If you find other things you like, it makes you well-rounded.
    • Don't try to like what she likes to beat her at it. If she's on the basketball team, so be it. If you don't like basketball, don't do it. If you like tennis, try out for the tennis team.

Method 3
DANGER: Jealousy Alert!

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    Do you follow her on social media? Even if you don't you may just look at her profile to see what she post and what caption she uses. If you start to feel jealous, here's what you do.
    • Put the phone DOWN. Comparing herself to you doesn't help you. It just makes you angry.
    • Remember social media is a way to make your life seem cool. If she post a picture saying, "In Hawaii AGAIN :)" You can post of you doing what seems cool. For example, "When I was in the mountains <3" To show that your life is pretty cool too.
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    If you see her at lunch and your friends aren't around and she's talking to a girl at the next table, don't freak out.
    • Write down what you're feeling on a piece of paper, and rip it up.
    • Try to block her out.
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    If you're anywhere else and she's there?
    • Find something else to do.
    • Always know not to let anger rule your life. Do other things and live a little. Forget her. You have other friends that care about you more than you realize.
    • Keep your head high. You're your own original!


  • Don't look to haughty or people will think you're desperate.
  • Do nice to people and be pleasant around her. If she tries to befriend you, don't be rude.


  • Watch out and try not to get into a fight with her.

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