How to Make Your Girl Comfortable on a Date

Is your girlfriend looking reserved or uncomfortable on dates with you? Or, are you about to ask a girl out, and you want to make sure you don't scare her, or make the date like a funeral? Then read below!


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    Be Polite! Don't curse, don't tell dirty jokes, (most women HATE that, and they might not even say anything depending on how shy they are, they might fake a laugh so it's not awkward. If you sense ANY tension, don't tell any more dirty jokes.) and don't excessively stare/look at her or her body. This is a surefire way to make her uncomfortable. You don't want to get slapped.
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    Be Interested! If you're just standing in the corner texting on the phone, she is going to automatically feel like she is not interesting, therefore, she will be feeling self conscious. If you accidentally do this, look at her right in the eyes and tell her she looks "so pretty". (if you have been on a date with her before, beautiful is okay, but if you already have said it right when you saw her at the door, then saying in the middle of a date is weird.
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    Be Nice! Open doors for her, say please and thank you to her and her parents/relatives if you meet them, call her father sir, and her mother ma'am. Don't trip over things to get to the door before her so you can open it, that's annoying.
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    Be Interesting! Don't talk about one thing the whole date, unless you know that she is very interested on the subject. Don't only talk about yourself. And if you are running out of things to say, then ask her a question! " Do you like _____?" (a band, TV show or something similar works here) "How do you feel about _____?"


  • Say... you are at a movie date, and you have to go to the bathroom, but you want to do so discreetly. Check if the drink is low, or the popcorn. if they are, say you are filling them, then fill them and go to the bathroom. But make sure you wash your hands!!
  • If you take a girl to the movies, and you were planning on kissing her or something, then don't get angry or feel rejected if she watches the movie. It doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you, maybe she feels shy showing PDA, many girls do. Or she just likes the movie, but she likes it more because you're there!
  • If you are confessing you like her, don't try to confess your undying love for her, that will scare her. Or, you could turn it into something cute, like... "I... I love you, ____... I - I mean, I really like you!" or "I like you a lot... maybe even to the point... of loving you."


  • Smelling bad won't help.
  • If she rests her head on your shoulder, she likes you. That is almost 100%.
  • if you put your arm around her, make sure your hand doesn't accidentally touch her chest! She will most likely get up, slap you, and stomp out of the theater, informing all of her friends about what a perv you are. If this does happen, try to blush (you will be anyway) apologize many times, and tell her it was an accident. She might forgive you.
  • If you're going to put you're arm around her, DON'T do that stupid yawning thing. Some girls may find it cute, but most find it dumb, and will not like it as much if you do that.

Things You'll Need

  • A girl you like
  • A place for a date
  • Common sense
  • A good personality

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