How to Make Your Feet Beautiful

Four Parts:Removing Dry Skin and MoisturizingKeeping Toenails PrettyPainting Your ToenailsTaking Care of Your Feet

You can have the beautiful feet you've always dreamed of. You just need to get rid of your dry skin and keep your feet moisturized. You also need to learn to trim your toenails properly and paint them properly (if you wish). Finally, you need to help maintain the health of your feet over time, so you'll have beautiful feet for many years to come.

Part 1
Removing Dry Skin and Moisturizing

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    Use gentle soap in the shower. Harsh soaps can make dry skin worse. Try something like Dove, Cerave, or Cetaphil. Look for words like "For Sensitive Skin" and "Moisturizing."[1]
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    Keep it warm. When you shower or bathe, it's best to stick with just lukewarm water. Hot water can dry out skin even more.[2]
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    Scrub off dead skin with an exfoliant. You can use a physical exfoliant, such as a pumice stone or a foot file. Near the end of your shower or bath, gently scrape your feet with the file or pumice. You can also do it after your bath if you prefer.[3]
    • Another option is to use a liquid foot scrub that is designed to exfoliate. Rub it on in the shower and wash it off.[4]
    • Some people have had good luck with a foot soak of 1 part Listerine, 1 part vinegar, and 2 parts warm water. Soak your feet in it for 20 minutes. However, you'll likely still need to use a physical exfoliant.[5]
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    Seal in moisture. Apply a lotion after you bathe or shower. Showering and bathing can dry out your skin, but applying lotion locks in the moisture that showers leave behind.[6]
    • If you think your cuticles don't look pretty, try paying special attention to them when you're rubbing in moisturizer. Gently massage each edge of your cuticle with cream.[7]
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    Try oil-based lotions. If your regular lotions aren't cutting it, it's fine to use an oil-based lotion on your feet. You can also just use plain petroleum jelly.[8] These types of creams are too heavy for places like your face, but they can help out severely dry areas like cracked heels.
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    Put on cream at night. It's also helpful to put on cream when you go to bed.[9] To keep it sealed in, try pulling socks on over the cream.[10]
    • Ingredients like aloe and palm oil can help with cracked skin.[11]

Part 2
Keeping Toenails Pretty

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    Trim toenails straight across. Trimming straight across creates a pleasing effect, but it can also limit ingrown toenails.[12] However, you can round off the corners with a file so you don't scratch yourself with your toenails.[13]
    • Trim your nails when they're dry. You'll get a cleaner cut.[14]
    • Pick out clippers meant for toenails, as they are less rounded and made to cut thicker nails.[15] You may find that nail nippers work even better, especially if you have nail fungus, because they are sharper and easier to control. They look like small wire cutters.[16]
    • Skip cutting cuticles. They help protect you from infection.[17]
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    Cut toenails to the proper length. Your toenails should be about as long as your toes. If they're any longer, they may rub against your shoes. If they're too short, it can lead to infection.[18]
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    Watch for ingrown toenails. An ingrown toenail happens when the edge of your toenail pushes into your skin. You may notice your toe is red, some swelling, or some pain.[19]
    • To deal with an ingrown toenail yourself, bathe your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes, which can help relieve pain and swelling; acetaminophen and ibuprofen can also help with the pain. Place cotton or dental floss under the edge, to help the nail grow properly; put new pieces back in after each time you soak it. To keep it from getting infected, use antibiotic ointment and then cover the area with a bandage. It can also help if your shoes are loose-fitting or open around the toes.[20]
    • Proper toenail maintenance can help keep you from getting ingrown toenails, such as cutting straight across and keeping toenails at the proper length.[21]
    • You can deal with ingrown toenails yourself. However, you may need to see your doctor about one if you are having a great deal of pain. Also, redness moving up your toe or pus coming from the wound could be a sign of a more serious infection. Also, if you have diabetes, it's important to take action when you notice any problems with your feet.[22]
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    Clean under your toenails. Run a manicure stick under your nails. Don't push too hard, as you can separate the nail from the nail bed. Running a manicure stick will help keep them clean and beautiful.[23]
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    Take a break from polish occasionally. While it's fine to use polish, you also need to take a break from it every once and awhile. Keep away from it about a fourth of the time, taking a week off a month. That will give your toes a breather and allow them to regain moisture.[24]
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    Remove nail polish before 2 weeks is up. If you leave it on for longer, you can stain your toenails. However, adding a clear base coat before painting your toenails can help alleviate this problem.[25]
    • If you do have stained nails, check to see if they're also hard and brittle. If so, you likely have a toenail fungus. Ask your doctor about the condition.[26]

Part 3
Painting Your Toenails

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    Skip the expensive brands. While expensive brands do have nice polish, you can get equal quality with less expensive brands. You don't have to spend $15 for a bottle. Try a couple of cheaper brands to see which ones you like best.[27]
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    Remove grease and old nail polish. Before you start painting, dip a cotton ball in some nail cleaner. Run it over your toenails to remove any nail polish. Next, use a small brush with some hand soap and to scrub down your nails, removing any grease. Rinse thoroughly. Grease can and dirt can cause your nail polish to lift off, so you want your nails clean. Dry them well.[28]
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    Put on a base coat. Apply a thin layer of a clear base coat. It helps protect the nail, but it can also give you a stronger, smoother finish.[29]
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    Use the three-stroke method. With a large drop of polish, brush to the left and then to the right. Finally, place a stroke down the middle of the nail.[30]
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    Don't forget a second coat. For a really solid color, a second coat is essential. However, you need to wait a few minutes before applying, or you could mess up your first coat.[31]
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    Use a slow-drying topcoat. Topcoats protect your polish, and the slow-drying kind is the best. It dries harder, meaning your pedicure will last longer.[32]
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    Use a small brush or cotton swab for cleanup. Dip it into nail polish remover. Use it to gently rub off the nail polish anywhere you got it that you didn't want it.[33]
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    Dry your toenails faster. To keep them from smearing, try running them under cold water. It can help them dry faster, meaning you'll keep them prettier.[34]
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    Keep your toenails pretty. To help extend your pedicure, try applying a new layer of top coat every 2 days or so. Doing so will help protect against chips and nicks.[35]

Part 4
Taking Care of Your Feet

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    Wash your feet daily. Washing your feet everyday helps keep fungus at bay. Be sure to dry your feet thoroughly, as wet feet are a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.[36]
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    Make sure your feet stay dry. If you have issues with sweating, make sure to switch out your socks often. Doing so helps keep your feet drier, which in turn helps keep athlete's foot and other fungus away.[37]
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    Wear your shoes. It's best to wear shoes all the time, even around the house. It helps keep infections away from your feet, plus you skip getting ugly scratches and punctures.[38]
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    Put on sunscreen. You may not think about putting on sunscreen at the beach. However, that skin needs protection just like the rest of your body. Putting on sunscreen will help keep your feet pretty in years to come, as sun can accelerate aging.[39]


  • When filing your nails, go one direction only. Going back and forth may result in uneven nails.

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