How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

So you're sick of feeling bad that your boyfriend dumped you, or maybe you just realized that now's a good time for him to realize what he's missing out on. There are plenty of things that you can do to make your boyfriend jealous, and you can even do it staying classy.


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    Be happy. This is so important. Sure it's okay to be upset in the days or weeks after you break up; it might even seem strange if you weren't. But soon it'll be time to snap out of it and project your inner happiness, even if you aren't completely emotionally healed. Who knows? There's a good chance that trying to be happy will make you happy in the end.
    • Remind yourself of what you have to live for. Your friends, your family, your health; these are all things that we tend to take for granted when we're caught up in a relationship. Remind yourself of all that you have, and happiness should come easier.
    • Treat yourself. It's a great idea to pamper yourself in order to put a little pep into your step. If you're feeling extravagant, go shopping for a new coat or some new shoes. If you just want something simple, go to a day-spa with girlfriends, get some fro-yo, or go to the movies.
    • Remove all mementos of the relationship from your life. You don't have to throw away all the pictures you took with him, or burn his love-letter. Stash them away someplace safe and forget about them. This will help you forget about him.
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    Be civil. If you bump into your ex, it's okay to go over and talk to him. Show him that you're mature enough not to hold a grudge. More than anything, show him that he doesn't faze you anymore. Guys hate thinking that they're easy to get over, because it suggests that they weren't all that great to begin with.
    • Don't: Bring up things about your relationship or your breakup. Don't act moody or mopey; you don't want him to think you're sad because of him, even if you are. Talk about normal things. Smile and act confident.
    • Do: Act friendly, but not flirtatious or suggestive. Try hard not to laugh too hard at his jokes. Say you're "doing fine, just kinda busy" or something along those lines. Keep it brief.
    • Remember your goal: You don't want to be so unfriendly that he's happy you're out of his life. You want to be friendly but distant, possibly distracted by your new life — the life in which you're better off without him.
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    Start talking to other boys. You only need to be friends with them for it to bother your ex. Don't try to get yourself a new boyfriend until you're over your old one. It would be unfair on the new boyfriend as you'd be leading him on, and it would make your ex lose interest rather than get jealous as you're basically saying he stands no chance. Try the following to get his attention:
    • Become friends with his buddies. You probably got to know his friends a bit while you were together, so just try making conversation with them. No doubt they'll go and tell your ex that you've been chumming it up, and darned if that doesn't get him jealous pretty quickly.
    • Talk to a guy who's older, richer or who has bigger muscles than your ex. Guys are famously insecure when it comes to certain things: age (makes them feel inexperienced), wealth (makes them feel like they can't provide) and strength (makes them feel unmanly). Your ex will compare himself to any guy you are getting close too. If he thinks there is a chance that the guy is better than he was, he'll be back in no time trying to get your attention.
    • If your ex once thought that he had male competition, go back to the guy he felt competitive about. Your ex will feel stupid for letting you get close to someone he's already insecure about. The feelings of jealousy, his sense of competition with other guys, will come roaring back.
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    Focus on self-improvement. Did you have any annoying habits that your ex used to complain about? Whether it's being messy or biting your nails, think about breaking those habits and bringing out the new and improved you. If he sees that you've stopped doing all the things that bugged him once upon a time, it shows that you've made strides without him instead of with him.
    • With all that free time you have, learn more about the world. Travel, if you can. (Your ex will boil with jealousy if you meet a foreign man.) Be a student of the world, its people, its food. Guys secretly, or not so secretly, want to be with a girl who's both interesting and interested. Read the news and learn about different customs and habits. Don't boast about it, but slowly let it seep through.
    • Do something challenging. Run that 5k that you've always been meaning to run. Attempt that Guinness Book of World Record challenge that you've dreamed about. Whatever it is, push your boundaries and learn a little about yourself in the meantime. Your ex will see you getting better and wonder what he was doing to hold you back.
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    Look good and feel good. If he liked you to dress in a certain way, try doing that more often when you have a feeling you might bump into him. If you're not happy with your figure then do something about it, get fit, do something nicer with your hair, choose more flattering clothing. When he sees you he'll be asking himself why on earth he left you.
    • Try to look good all the time. You never know when you might run into him randomly shopping or at the movies. The better your overall fashion sense, the better you'll feel.
    • Talk with your stylist about getting a new haircut. Maybe try a shorter length of hair. Even if the haircut is just symbolic, it says a lot to your ex: "I am a new person without you and I'll come away from this relationship better than before."
    • Go on a diet (if you think you need it). You should know if you need a diet. If you're unsure about whether you should shed some pounds, then you probably don't need to diet. But if you do diet and fit into that dress that was three sizes smaller than you were while still with your boyfriend, it'll make a huge impression.
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    Use the internet. If you have Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter, then use them to upload photos of you having a good time since you broke up. Social media can also be used for you to chat with your new guys, even if you're only chatting. Don't delete him from your social media networks, but think about unsubscribing from their posts so that you're not preoccupied with what they're doing.
    • Give your Facebook a makeover. Have a friend help you take a super-flattering profile picture, and change some of the information to reflect your new attitude. The attention that you get from your other friends once you give your profile a makeover should make him jealous.
    • Don't be an open book. Be a little mysterious with your posts/tweets. Don't spell out exactly what you're doing. Instead of saying "Just got back from the beach with my friends!" say something like "Copacabana in my back yard; next stop, Havana!"
    • Don't talk about him in any of your public posts. You really want to ignore him as much as possible. You want him to believe that you're having a swimming old time without him, and that the memory of him is growing dimmer and dimmer every day.
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    If he sends you a text, leave it for a couple of days. If he's texted you, tried to call you or messaged you, then he's back in the picture trying to get your attention. So to keep the power in your hands rather than giving the power back to him, and ignore the message for a couple of days.
    • Doing this says "I have better uses with my time than you." During those couple of days, he'll be thinking and worrying about it, wondering whether he said something wrong or stupid. When you message back, say "Sorry, didn't see the message, hey!" He'll be relieved that you weren't just ignoring him because he's scared of looking like an idiot.
    • Be careful about whether he can see that you've checked your text/message. Facebook now records whether you've seen the message and sends the information back to the other party. It'd be strange to check his message immediately and then say that you only saw it three days later, even though he knows when you checked it.


  • Talk to other guys, but don't get too flirty or people will think you are desperate.
  • Don't just go around flirting with every guy you see. It won't make him regret dumping you, it'll make him wish he'd done it sooner. Additionally, guys will just start thinking you're easy and you'll find it hard to find a new decent boyfriend.
  • Never try to be loud when he's near that will just make him think your despaired for him but don't ignore him if you see him at least great back.
  • If he does ask for you to give him another chance, then you need to make sure that the same thing won't happen again; tell him what you want out of the relationship and see if he agrees to it. Of course, this means you'll have to meet his terms as well.
  • Don't talk to him for a few days.


  • You don't want to be seen chasing after random boys or laughing too loud every time your ex comes into the room. Everyone can see right through that, and you'll just seem desperate.

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