How to Make Your Dog a Princess

Three Parts:Feeding and Grooming Your DogCreating an EnvironmentProviding Entertainment

If you love your dog, you may think of her as a princess. There are many fun things you can do to show your dog you care. From providing high quality food to keeping your dog entertained, you can make your dog feel like a princess.

Part 1
Feeding and Grooming Your Dog

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    Choose high quality treats. If you want to make your dog feel like a princess, make sure she has access to the highest quality treats. You can purchase expensive treats from upscale pet stores or make homemade treats yourself.
    • Many local bakeries make treats especially for dogs. Keep your eyes peeled for doggy cookies, bagels, donuts, or other baked goods at local bakeries.[1]
    • Look for upscale pet stores in your area. You can also order pricier treats online. This might be a better option than supermarket treats.[2]
    • There are many recipes you can find online for homemade dog treats, using natural meats and high quality ingredients. You might want to check with your vet first, however. If your dog has any specific dietary requirements, you do not want to accidentally cause health problems making treats yourself.
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    Pick the best foods. Dogs need a combination of water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins for a healthy diet. The best dog foods will use real meats for source meats, such as chicken, lamb, and turkey, and be fortified with vitamins and minerals necessary to your dog's health. Talk to your vet about dog food options and tell him or her you're looking for the highest quality food for your dog.[3]
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    Keep her well groomed. If you want your dog to be a princess, she needs to look the part. Keep her well groomed through regular brushing and bathing.
    • Give your dog a spa day. Give her a nice bath with dog shampoo. Massage your dog's skin while shampooing her and make sure you rinse her coat thoroughly. Dry her off completely when done, using a hair dryer if necessary, and then brush her coat.[4]
    • If you're not comfortable bathing and grooming your dog on your own, consider investing in professional grooming services so your dog can look her best.
    • Homemade shampoo can be a fun option to spoil your dog. The artificial fragrances in store bought shampoos can be irritating to a dog. You can use all natural, fragrance free dish soap to create your own dog shampoo. You can find recipes online, but you should talk to your vet before making homemade shampoo to make sure you're not using any products that could irritate your dog's skin.[5]
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    Get her accessories. Your dog will look like a princess with the right accessories. Many pet stores sell hats, coats, sunglasses, decorative collars, barrettes, and other fun accessories for dogs. Keep in mind, however, that not all dogs enjoy wearing accessories. If your dog seems bothered or distressed, simply take the items off. You do not want to upset your princess.

Part 2
Creating an Environment

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    Get your dog a great bed. If you want your dog to feel like a princess, get her a great dog bed. A warm, comfortable bed will make your dog feel pampered.
    • Store bought bed are sometimes made from polyester or cotton and other low quality products. Your dog may not enjoy sleeping on a bed of this nature. You're better off making your own dog bed. You can get items from the thrift store, such as old comforters, sheets, and other supplies that your dog will enjoy lying on.[6]
    • If you're not comfortable making your own dog bed, look for more expensive bedding from upscale pet stores. These are less likely to use cheap products that your dog will not like.
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    Create a dog friendly area of your home. You want your dog to feel pampered within your own home. Create a doggy or puppy space near where you work or hang out at home where your dog feels welcome. Place her treats, toys, food, and water in this area. Consider getting her a small crate or a cardboard box so she can have a little den-type area to hide in when she wants privacy.[7]
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    Make an outdoor area for your dog. If you have a backyard, try to have a dog friendly place. Put some outdoor dog toys, food, water, and an outdoor bed or kennel in this area. A small fenced in area can also be nice for your dog as she'll be able to run around without her leash. Consider installing a fence in your backyard.
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    Consider a carrier bag. Many pet stores sell fun carrier bags you can use to carry around small dogs. This can make your dog feel pampered like a princess. However, keep in mind even small dogs need adequate exercise. Do not use the carrier bag every time you take her out.

Part 3
Providing Entertainment

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    Take your dog for car rides if she enjoys them. Some dogs really enjoy going for a ride in the car. If your dog loves car rides, consider taking her on small errands where you won't have to leave her in the car for too long. However, be careful. Some dogs have a lot of anxiety regarding car rides. If your dog shows signs of distress, like panting or whimpering, you should avoid taking her on car rides.[8]
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    Show affection. If you want your dog to feel like a princess, show her affection. Dogs are social animals that love getting petted and fussed over by their human companions.
    • Get on your dog's level. When you get home from school or work, get down on the floor and allow your dog to climb in your lap, lick you, and greet you.[9]
    • A lot of dogs enjoy having their bellies rubbed. If your dog rolls over, she might want to be petted on her stomach. Gently rub your hand over her stomach.[10]
    • Consider massages. Talk to your vet about how to massage sore muscles. If you take your dog for walks frequently, your dog will appreciate the occasional massage.[11]
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    Visit other dogs. If your dog enjoys playing with other dogs, bring her places where she can play. Take her to a dog park. Make a play date with a friend who also has a dog. Keep in mind some dog parks require your dog be up to date on vaccinations and at least four months old.[12]
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    Take your dog for walks. Dogs love being outside. Take your dog on a nice, long walk each day. Alternate walking routes occasionally to keep your dog interested in the outings. Be careful to avoid areas where there might aggressive dogs or heavy traffic. Your dog's size and age matter when it comes to how long a walk should last. Smaller and older dogs may require less exercise than larger, younger dogs. If you're unsure how much you should be walking your dog, ask your vet.[13]
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    Provide lots of toys. A great way to keep your dog entertained is to provide a variety of toys. Balls, chew toys, and pull toys are favorites amongst dogs. You can buy toys at a local pet shop or make your own toys out of recycled materials.

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