How to Make Your Cousin Feel Guilty

Have you ever just had a cousin who is mean to you? Have you ever had a cousin that always bullies or belittles you? Have you ever had a cousin that just won't leave you alone? Well this article is just for you!


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    Ignore your cousin when they insult you. Whenever they insult you, just ignore them, don't even look at them when they insult you.
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    Don't insult your cousin back. Doing this will make them do it even more and not feel sorry for you because they will think it annoys you and makes you mad, but not enough to make you dislike them and not/never talk to them anymore.
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    Talk to them less. If they are one of those cousins who you always talk to a lot, start making your conversations shorter and shorter each time you see them, and make sure people notice so when you don't talk at all, people won't notice or think anything of it and they won't know that you are trying to make this person guilty. Having people notice you talking to someone less and less is better than having them notice seeing you ignore your cousin, right?
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    Don't take any notice of them. If they stare at you, do not take any notice of them. If they try talking to you, act like you didn't hear them, keep saying "What? What? What? What did you say"? each time they repeat what they say to you, or you can simply act as if you forgot about them,or you can act as if you don't even know who they are when they talk to you.
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    Act like they don't exist. Never talk to them, look at them, text and/or call them. If anyone takes notice of this just say you forgot about them, and if the person that noticed acts mad, just act like you don't care at all or you can act confused, or you can act both ways and they will probably simply get over it seeing you not caring and acting as if it's nothing and not a big deal at all.
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    Let them always see you hanging out with and having fun with other people, and most importantly, be yourself and leave your cousin out. This will show them you are better off without them.


  • Show them that you are better off without them!
  • Pretend that they don't exist/Don't take any notice of them/Act like you don't care about them anymore!
  • Always look your best around them!
  • Always let them see you talking and hanging out with other people, not them!
  • Act more smart and mature when you're around them!
  • Be yourself!

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