How to Make Your Child's Birthday Party Awesome

Whether you are having your child’s birthday party at home or at a venue, there are many ways to make the celebration an exciting all-round success. Here is a handy list of five must-dos to make your child’s party an absolute gem of a celebration!


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    Show off the party cake! Always be sure to put your child’s party cake on display during the party. Show it off, make it the table centrepiece - prop it up on a cake stand and let everyone appreciate it.
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    Bring out the party streamers! A burst of colour is a definite way to bring in the party cheer, and what better way than with an old-time favourite: crepe paper party streamers. They’re often forgotten these days, but they make a big statement. Match them up with the party’s colour theme and get creative. They’re inexpensive and give an instant party feel to any celebration, whether outdoors or inside. There are so many fantastic ways you can use paper streamers to decorate – and it’s so easy!
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    Create a party photo booth! Party photo booths are a popular scene at many weddings and you can easily create one too for your child’s party. They are super fun and children love them because it’s a chance to make-believe and have plenty of giggles. They don’t take up much space and are guaranteed to be a hit. Create your own photo booth by making a backdrop – this can be a curtain, steamers or colourful paper. Add a box of props – like wacky sunglasses, old-fashioned hats or funny face masks and you're good to go. You can also include a batch of disposable cameras for kids to take their own photos, or have someone on standby to take the snaps. Send each party guest a few of their best snaps when you send out the party thank yous.
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    Keep party food simple and fun! Children’s party food should be simple and fun because it’s easier for you to prepare and young ones really do prefer simplicity over complex when it comes to grub. It also makes sense to keep the food simple especially if any party guests have food intolerances or allergies. Use cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches, thread colourful fruits onto skewers, make mini jelly pots and top with marshmallows, pack fresh veggie sticks into colourful candy cups, or make mini hot dogs and sweet potato chips.
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    Turn on the music! This is something we tend not to think of during all the party planning and rushing around, but cheerful background music at a child’s party immediately brings on the party spirit. It puts everyone at ease and gets them into a festive mood. Create a playlist of your child’s favourite tunes and then turn on the sounds during the party. Also, when the music is turned off then everyone knows the party’s over – ‘till next time anyway!

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