How to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

It happens to the best of us women. We fall for a guy that simply doesn't like to kiss. Nothing can kill the mood more than or worse, make us feel less desirable about ourselves than having a boyfriend that doesn't like to kiss. After all, as the song goes, "If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss". Fortunately, there are a few sure-fire ways to ensure that your guy learns to love kissing you!


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    Let your boyfriend know in no uncertain terms that you like to kiss him. You really wish that he would kiss you more often, so tell him. Tell him just how important it really is to you and your relationship together. This is sure to encourage him to try kissing you more often. NO a relationship shouldn't be based on the physical stuff, it should be able to last without that intimacy. You can say it is important to you but if you bring the relationship into it, you are just taking things to a next level.
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    When he does try to kiss you, notice how he does it. Is it a light, feathery brush of the lips? A hard, dominating kiss? Or a passionate, open-mouthed, lingering kiss? However he kisses, it may not be the kind of kiss that you prefer at first. Even if this is the case, never criticize his kissing! The reason that he didn't like kissing you in the first place may have been due to the fact that he doesn't feel like he knows how to kiss well. It's up to you to rebuild his confidence! Decide what kind of a kisser he is and follow his lead. If he's a soft kisser, and you prefer deep, passionate kisses, then kiss him softly at first but slowly open your mouth and introduce him to a passionate kiss. If his kiss is sloppy and you prefer a hard, demanding kiss, wait until he's least expecting it, grab him and plant a hard kiss on his lips. Show him that it's okay to kiss spontaneously, and that, depending upon whichever mood you and he are in at any given time, the style of kiss is sure to change.
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    Compliment him. encouraging him and praising him when he kisses you (even if he isn't the best kisser at first) is the only way to make him feel confident enough to continue to try kissing you. And, eventually, through practice and your examples, he will become a fantastic kisser, and love doing it!
    • If he is nervous then complement him on his kissing (e.g. 'stop being nervous you are an excellent kisser') he will stop being nervous and start kissing you more often.
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    Entertain the idea that you might not be a good kisser, or that he might not like the way you kiss. Simply asking him how he likes to be kissed will often garner appreciation and an instant make out session. Remember, he probably wants to make out with you but feels nervous.
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    Make a move. Guys will sometimes feel nervous and start shaking if you are waiting for him to make the first move. Therefore, make the first move because it will tell him that you are comfortable to kiss him and he will stop being nervous after the first kiss. You might even get a kiss from him!
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    Don't move in for the kill so fast. Be smooth and slow.
    • When you go for the first move and he looks surprised, just wait. Chances are that he will kiss you back. If and when he does kiss you, don't just sit there like a puppet; kiss him back!
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    Make sure you close your eyes while kissing, or it may make him feel uncomfortable, and/or bring an awkward moment.


  • Make sure you have fresh breath!
  • Try looking deeply into each others' eyes before kissing - it will add a more romantic feeling to the kiss.
  • Smell nice. It's very unattractive to hold your body against someone that smells bad!
  • Touch him on the arms and shoulder, and lean your head on him to let him know that you want to kiss him.
  • Kiss in a place that is more private so you both won't get nervous.
  • If you are scared of going straight in, you could hug him and then when you are pulling away lean your cheek to his cheek then kiss him on the cheek. Then laugh or smile.
  • Devote an entire night to just kissing each other - play around with different kinds and different styles of kisses and show him how much fun it can be.
  • Keep your lips soft and supple. Exfoliate them with a toothbrush when you notice a buildup of dead skin cells. Use a good chap stick with healing elements, not just one that's made of wax. Blistex does a medicated lip ointment, as well as Carmex. Try staying away from brands like Chap-Stick and EOS seeing as they don't have any healing benefits.
  • Kiss him hello and good-bye every time you see him and leave him just to accustom him to the action of kissing you - even if it's only a brief peck on the lips.
  • If your partner doesn't want to, don't force him, it will ruin the kiss.
  • Don't criticize him at all even of it's just a simple 'that felt weird'.
  • Kiss him on his neck to add excitement to the kissing.
  • Diving in for a kiss never works. It is important to lean in slowly for him to catch the drift.
  • If you are laying in his lap, place the hand he isn't holding on his neck, gently pull him towards you and kiss him.
  • Make sure to rub the back of his. Head and wrap your arms around his neck to make the kiss more romantic. Lay your head on his shoulder he should turn his head toward you and begin.


  • Don't ever complain about your lack of boyfriend kissing you! Word spreads and he will find out and be crushed!
  • If he is refusing to kiss you but insists on having sex with you, then he may not be interested in you for anything other than having sex. A kiss is, according to a lot of people, more intimate than anything else - even intercourse. If he is willing to forget the most intimate act with you in lieu of having sex, then he probably isn't interested in having an intimate, emotional relationship with you.
  • Don't ever tell your guy that he's kissing the wrong way. There is no right way to kiss. You may prefer to kiss one way, but other people may prefer to kiss a different way.
  • If you have braces or he has braces don't kiss too hard or use too much tongue, as it could damage the other side of your lips or hurt your tongue!

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