How to Make Your Bedroom Noticeable

You wanna make your bedroom noticeable? Add some pizazz, pretend your bedroom is a lair of memories, and your personality. Here's some ideas about how to add style to your bedroom, or should I say, "Magical Castle"?


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    Sometimes, your room is so messy, you can barely see the ground. Try cleaning the place and the walls too. Put all of your stuff in boxes, and throw or donate the things and clothes you don't need.
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    Find a theme. It ca be a color or a pattern. maybe you want to take it a step forward and make it Jungle, Underwater, or Space. You can have different types of themes, just make it something you like and find interesting. And you can always change your mind, and add more things. Try some DIYs for your room for that theme you want.
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    Add wall art. Wall art is one of the best ways to make your room yours. You can get some posters of your favorite band, or of a cute little puppy. What is most creative is, if you are an artist, you can get a canvas and paint on it. Use canvases, frames, chalkboards. You can also add mirrors to make your room look modern. Print pictures of your friends and family on glossy paper, so the memories can last longer. And, what's really useful to add is a clock.
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    Have a desk to do your work everyday, or to get ready for in the morning. It can be used to put important papers. Speaking of papers, make sure to have lots of storage boxes. You can make one out of a cardboard box and decorate it with duct tape and ribbon. Storage boxes are really helpful when you have a ton of things all piled up in a mess. Make sure to label them, like "Documents", "Makeup", or "Art Supplies".
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    Get a new quilt, and pillows. Get lots of decorative, ruffly pillows to make your room seem more comforting. Add a beanbag, or a chair for when you need to relax. Clean out your closet. It would be much more easier to get dressed in the morning.
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    And finally, add some other things to your room for your own needs. For example, add a fan, or a lamp. These are things you can put so you can be comfortable in your own room.


  • When hanging wall art, make sure its secure and doesn't fall
  • Put storage boxes in places where you can find and get easily, and wont lose them
  • Put hangers on your door to hang jackets or bags


  • Ask parents to redecorate your room if you want to add more furniture

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