How to Make Your Bedroom Comfortable Yet Cute

A bedroom is a place to relax, entertain friends, study, and sleep. Your bedroom should comfortably and efficiently serve many different purposes. Yet you want to make it look great too! Read on for ideas on how to make your room comfortable and cute.


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    Choose a color that suits you. If you live in a rental home or apartment and you are not allowed to paint your room, it's fine, just keep whatever neutral color already on the wall. When choosing a color, choose a calmer color, like lavender, or aqua, or even a cheerful cowslip yellow. If you go with something crazy like neon lime green, it may be cute, but probably not as comfortable. Use your personality. If you're very girlie, go with a light pink, or lavender. If not, maybe a forest green or even an accent wall of midnight blue. Whatever you choose make sure you love it because you're going to be living in that color for a long time. It should make you feel happy.
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    Find a great bedding set. Maybe just a nice homemade quilt will do or maybe you want to go full-out and buy a huge colorful set, with a comforter and sheets and throw pillows and a bed-skirt in bright colors. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with your wall color. If your wall color is lavender, get something that contrasts, like turquoise or green. Choose a comfortable texture for the bedding. Even if that scratchy cotton sheet set looks great, go with something softer that you will really enjoy, like a jersey sheet in the spring and summer or even a flannel sheet in the colder months.
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    Furniture: So what about the rest of the furniture? If you study in your room get a large, sturdy desk, with a good amount of workspace and lots of storage to keep all your school stuff. Whether or not you're a big fan of reading, a bookcase is a must-have. For keeping textbooks, and your choice books, knickknacks and accent pieces/accessories. An extra seating area is perfect for reading and entertaining friends. Maybe a beanbag chair, a papasan chair, a cute storage ottoman or even a big colorful floor pillow keeps your room looking cute and comfortable.
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    Lighting is very important. Besides a ceiling light, place a reading light on your bedside table or even a clip-on lamp you can clip to your bed, and also a desk lamp for extra light when studying, whether it's on your desk or a standing lamp next to it.
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    Accents and accessories. Well first off, curtains! A cute, colorful curtain or drapes is exactly what a cute room needs. Get one that really contrasts from your wall color, or even a brown or white one. If not, wooden shades also look great and are really helpful for keeping light out, and go with any color or theme. If you do choose a theme, like a beach theme, use accessories that complement your theme, maybe a piece of ocean wall art, a poster of that California beach town, a glass bowl full of seashells, or anything ocean/surf themed, a hibiscus flower, or a surfboard wall mural, even a sign that says "Beach this way," you get the idea.


  • Everything that is cute should also be comfortable.
  • Make sure your room has proper lighting. If the lighting is too bright, it will hurt your eyes, especially in the morning. If the lighting is too dim, your room will look gloomy and dark. Find the brightness that best fits you.
  • A rug and some curtains that contrast with your wall color are perfect.
  • Make sure your room colors and themes are something you can live with for a while. You don't want to get tired of it and have to redo the entire thing.
  • Make sure everything big serves a purpose in your room not just 'looks good'.
  • Add different things that match the colour scheme!
  • You don't have to follow these tips: be creative and be inspirational about your room.
  • Don't hang posters because they ruin the paint.

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