How to Make Your Bedroom Better

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Sick of seeing the same four drab walls over and over again? Looking to upgrade from a childhood bedroom to something a little more mature? There are many reasons to turn your room into a home improvement project. With just a few easy steps, you can re-invent your bedroom — depending on your choices, you can even do it for cheap or free!

Method 1
Simple Changes

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    Clean up. If your bedroom is dirty or chaotic, this is perhaps the most important thing you can do to make it look better. It's also an important first step before you do anything else in this article — it's hard to redecorate when you're stepping over piles of clothes on the floor.
    • See our article on cleaning your room for tips. If your room is just a little out-of-order, you may just need to put away whatever you have laying out. However, if it's been a while since you last cleaned, be ready to dust, vacuum, and clean your surfaces to get them looking as good as possible.
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    Decorate your walls with art. Are your walls bare and boring? Give yourself something more pleasant to look at. Artwork is great for giving your room a more vibrant appearance. Paintings, sketches, posters, and similar decorations all work well for covering up boring walls. You can even get creative here — for instance, a cardboard cutout from your favorite movie can be quite a conversation piece.
    • If you're an artist, don't be embarrassed to put your own artwork on the walls. You can also find wall art for fairly cheap at flea markets, thrift stores, and similar places.
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    Choose new linens for your bed. Since your bed takes up a lot of space in your room, sprucing it up can change the look of the whole room. Pick a new set of linens for your bed that pair well with each other as well as the other decorations you have in your room. Picking something dramatically different from your last set of sheets will usually give the most noticeable change.
    • The changes you make here depend on your budget. If you have the money, you can get new covers, new pillows, a new bed frame, or all of the above.
    • As a general rule, you won't want to pair too many eye-catching designs with each other. Try picking a blanket with a bright color or bold pattern, then using neutral colors like white, black, grey, and so on for the rest of your linens.
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    Put personal mementos on display. One way to decorate your room and simultaneously make a statement about yourself is to show off things that you enjoy. For instance, if you're a track and field athlete, you might try displaying a competition javelin on top of your bookcase. If you're a musician, use a stand to display your guitar in the corner. If you love reading, fill a bookcase with antique hardcover books.
    • What you choose is up to you — only you know what you're interested in.
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    Use rugs to decorate the floor. If you have a hardwood floor, rugs are a natural choice of decoration. Old, intricately-designed rugs are sometimes for sale at flea markets, but furniture stores also sell good-looking modern rugs at reasonable prices as well. Rugs can also make rooms warmer and reduce annoying echoes from having lots of hard surfaces.[1]
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    Keep plants in your room for a natural touch. Small houseplants can make rooms seem lively and inviting. Flowers can even add splashes of vibrant color for visual variety. Try placing a small potted plant near a window where it will get plenty of sun. Water the plant regularly and prune unwanted growth to keep it looking tidy. Pay attention to any special instructions provided with the plant when you bought it.
    • Be sure to discard any dead leaves as the plant loses them to avoid a mess.

Method 2
Advanced Changes

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    Remove or rearrange your furniture for more space. Over time, bedrooms have a tendency to get cramped and cluttered. Try breathing new life into your room by removing unnecessary furniture until you're left with the "bare necessities." The extra space can make your room seem like a whole new (much larger) place.
    • You may also be able to simply move the furniture around to get a similar effect. For instance, if your bed takes up lots of space in the middle of the room, push it against the wall to free up floor area and create the impression of open space.
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    Change your lighting situation. There are many exciting ways to give your room a new lighting setup. For example, you might try stringing holiday lights along the ceiling for a festive glow at night. If you find that your room is a little dark and dingy at night, put a retro lamp from the local thrift store in the corner to give your room a little more light.
    • Changing your lighting can also mean changing your windows. For instance, a new set of curtains can be a good investment. Thick drapes can keep your room dark in the mornings to help you sleep in. Thinner curtains can let the light shine through, casting a colored glow across your room.
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    Consider re-painting. Painting is messy and takes time, but it can make your room look like an entirely different place. Pick a light, neutral color for your bedroom. Shades like white, grey, light blue, sea foam green, and lavender tend to be best. Darker, more bold colors can be distracting and make your bedroom look more like a hotel room than someplace you actually live.
    • If you don't own the house (like if you're living at home or renting), ask for permission before you start painting.
    • See our painting guide for help.
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    Color-coordinate your room. If you're willing to put in the effort, coordinating all the colors in your room can make it look like it's been professionally-designed. Pick two or three of your favorite colors, then pick furniture, curtains, and bed linens that mostly match. Again, lighter, more neutral shades tend to work best here.
    • wikiHow's guide to matching colors can help you pick colors that look appealing together.
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    Make a DIY piece of furniture. Building your own furniture takes time, energy, and know-how, but it will make your bedroom uniquely your own. The most difficult, time-intensive option is probably to build your furniture from raw materials like lumber, etc. A much easier option is to buy old or damaged furniture and fix it up, modifying it in the process. An added benefit of this approach is that worn-out furniture is usually quite cheap. Try looking in the "free" section of classified sites like Craigslist for great deals.
    • One fairly easy example is to make a backrest for your bed. In its most basic form, this can be made by nailing wooden boards together in a square panel. Paint or decorate the side that faces the rest of the bed, then connect it to the bed frame.
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    Consider keeping an indoor pet. Pets that can spend most of their time in a small enclosed area make good choices for bedroom companions. These sorts of pets require daily work to feed, clean, and care for, so they're semi-major responsibilities. However, with diligent care, they can make great companions for years (and you'll always have something to talk about when someone new your bedroom for the first time).
    • Fish, lizards, insects, and small mammals like hamsters are examples of animals that can be kept in a bedroom in a cage or tank.


  • If you're painting, don't commit to a color before you compare it with others and put some serious thought into your choice. You don't want to decide you dislike the color after you paint.
  • If you have a printer, it's easy to print out wall art. One easy idea is to print words, phrases, and quotes in your favorite fonts.
  • Don't make your room a copy of anyone else's. The rooms in magazines may look amazing, but your bedroom is all about you, so make your own choices!
  • Add some colorful fairy lights to your room. These look stunning at night as you turn off your room lights and switch on these colorful lights. Hang them anywhere you like; for example, on the ceiling, on top of your bed and on the mirror.
  • Change your bed sheets into something more colorful and more comfortable. Don't use white bed sheets, as the can get dirty quickly.

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