How to Make Your Apartment Eco‐Friendly

Two Parts:Renovating an ApartmentLiving Eco-Friendly in Your Apartment

Renovating your apartment? Replacing old furniture with new polished pieces and buying new articles for your place? Why not take a more natural approach and transform your apartment into an eco-friendly space? Follow the steps given below to make your living unit eco friendly.

Part 1
Renovating an Apartment

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    Use good quality doors and windows. When you are buying an apartment, make sure that it has high-quality doors and windows. Otherwise, they will allow passage of air when even they are closed. This means that the heating and cooling appliances in your home will utilize more energy. Therefore, don’t compromise on the quality of doors and windows and save yourself money in the long run.
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    Choose a good insulation system. The better your apartment is insulated, the more energy and money you will save. Look for a programmable thermostat, which will keep the living space warm or cool depending on your presence. A programmable thermostat will switch on the cooling and heating appliances only when you are back in your apartment. If you are unsure about which product you should buy, do some research online or enquire in the local electronics shop.
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    Re-use. If you plan on removing entire walls or joining two rooms, see what you can salvage. Using parts that have been removed is a great way to save the environment and your money. You can re-use everything from floorboards to tiles. Instead of throwing them away, give them a twist by adding them to another room or furniture piece.
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    Buy low VOC paints. VOCs are ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ that release harmful, volatile compounds into the air, posing long-term health effects. Using VOC-free or low-VOC paints will ensure a healthier environment.
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    Use salvaged wood and metal. Using recycled or salvaged wood is a great way to give old material new life, and your apartment a new look. It’s environmentally savvy and gives your home a personality of its own. If you are buying an under-construction apartment, you can ask the developer to use recycled wood and metal in kitchen countertops, window panes, doors, and shelves.
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    Design with recycled glass. Using recycled glass is not just helping mother nature, but it’s also helping your apartment look stylish. It is excellent material to use for making countertops and even gives your apartment that icy, cracked atmosphere, which is always elegant.
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    Put even sunlight to work. A great way to go au natural is to install solar panels while re-doing your apartment. They won’t just save you big bucks on your electricity bill, but will also give your apartment. that sleek, fancy look that everyone admires. When you're residing in an apartment, it might be difficult to install solar panels since you need to seek permission from other residents. However, you can talk to them about the advantage of using solar panels and how it will help them save money. Once you have convinced them, you can ask the builder to install solar panels in the building.
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    Use bamboo and cork. Bamboo and cork are the perfect replacements for hardwood flooring. Not only are they durable, but they also give your apartment a natural and tranquil appearance. If you’re thinking cork is flimsy, that’s just the ones on wine bottles. The material used for cork flooring is taken from the bark of an oak tree, which can be done without cutting the tree.
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    Opt for dual-flush toilets. These toilets are low on water-consumption as they offer two flush options. One for dry waste and one for liquid waste. These toilets can help you save upto 80% on your toilet water consumption.
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    Install rainwater harvesting systems and tankless water heaters. When you are making your apartment eco friendly, consider installing a rainwater harvesting system. This will help you save water by collecting rainwater from roofs and then storing it in a tank. Tankless water heaters save energy costs by only heating the amount of water that is needed. However,before you install rainwater harvesting systems and tankless water heaters, do seek permission from other residents and the builder or owner.
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    Repair leaking taps and cover holes in the walls. There is no use of installing a thermostat or an insulating system if there are tiny holes in your kitchen wall or ceiling. There will still be a loss of energy and this will actually cost you more. So, cover all the holes. Also, fix all leaking taps in your apartment. You may think that there is just a small leakage but that could result in the loss of several litres of water. Therefore, take steps to make your home completely leak-proof.

Part 2
Living Eco-Friendly in Your Apartment

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    Adjust cooling and heating temperatures. Electronic appliance like refrigerators and freezers utilize more energy than you realize. Set your refrigerator at 2.78 degree celsius and the freezer at -19.44 degree celsius to minimize energy consumption. Additionally, remember to shut the refrigerator and freezer door properly. Leaving them open for a long time will result in a tremendous loss of energy.
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    Unplug electronic devices from their socket when not in use. When you are not using television, computers, music systems, and other electronic devices, always remember to unplug them. Most of us don’t realize that when these electronic devices are left in their standby mode, they still consume energy.
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    Decorate your living space with natural products. If you want to make your apartment look better or think that it needs a facelift, you can use natural products to decorate it. Use mats made from bamboo or corks. Put indoor plants in different areas of your home. You can hang plant pots from your balcony too. Not only will they clean the air inside the apartment but will also add to its aesthetic appeal.
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    Clean your apartment with re-usable cloths. Opt for micro-fibre cloths instead of synthetic brushes and cleansers. Soak the cloth in water and then use it if you want to remove hard stains from surfaces, such as table tops, glass, and window panes.
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