How to Make Yogurt Drops for Pet Rats

Most pet rats love yogurt drops! You can buy these special treats from a health food store in your area, but you can also make your own right at home and save a bundle, which you can spend on more treats!


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    Lay out your wax paper.
    • Grab a sheet of wax paper of nearly any size. Set it down on your counter flat and weigh down the corners with something heavy. This will keep it from flying around while you squirt the drops.
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    Prepare the icing tube.
    • Roll the top of the icing tube about two inches so that you can easily see the bottom. Pick your cap and prepare your icing tube however it requires. The cap can be a simple circle or you can use fun shapes. If you have the patience, you can even make many different shapes by switching out the caps after each or every other row.
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    Once that is done:
    • Spoon three large spoonfuls of yogurt into your icing tube and close the top by rolling it up, twisting it, or simply squeezing it tight.
      • Puff out any air bubbles back into the yogurt bin until it seems smooth enough to work with.
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    Make yogurt drops!
    • Squirt a small drop onto your wax paper an inch from either edge. Every half inch plop another drop on the paper.
      • When you are ready to start another row, space them half an inch from the other rows. This way, if they start to run when you move them to the freezer they won't get mixed together.
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    Once you have finished this sheet of wax paper, quickly but gently move it into the freezer and allow them to freeze. This could take overnight or throughout the day if you start in the morning.
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    Once you see that the drops have hardened, pull them out and place the paper on the counter. Use a dull knife to scrape them loose from the paper. Carefully roll the paper up and pour the drops into a plastic bag and seal tight.
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    Keep the bag in the refrigerator until you plan on using the drops. Feed them sparingly to your rats and they will love you forever!


  • Be sure to try a couple different flavors to keep your rats interested! They will love biting into something different every time!
  • The tip shouldn't be very large, only about the sized of a pencil eraser or a little bigger.
  • You can make a couple batches at a time if you have the space. This way, you will have plenty on hand so you won't have to make them so often.
  • Try to use low fat yogurt, and if it has fruit bits make sure they are rat safe. Try to stick with safe flavors like strawberry or plain, not key lime pie!


  • Don't give your rats too many yogurt drops at a time or they could get an upset stomach.

Don't make the drops too big!

Things You'll Need

  • Wax paper
  • A cleared, flat shelf in your freezer
  • A tub of smooth yogurt (Available at nearly every grocery store)
  • An icing tube (used for cakes, cupcakes, and other pastry decorating)
  • Plastic baggies
  • Time

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