How to Make wikiHow Better

wikiHow empowers every person on the planet to learn how to do anything. wikiHow's mission statement is mainly to provide the largest, highest-quality, free how-to to anybody, anywhere. By following these steps, you can help improve wikiHow, and be a part of the World's Collaborative How To Manual.


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    Write an article to contribute wikiHow.
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    Include pictures and or videos. You can use the links on the right under "Editing Tools" to find useful free photos and videos.
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    Weave links into articles. Link key words or phrases with other wikiHow articles.
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    Categorize articles to make them easier to find via search.
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    Patrol the Recent Changes. You can help to make sure that edits are made in a productive manner, make your own edits, and revert vandalism.
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    Copyedit a wikiHow Article . Doing this can clean up the things that are not needed in an article, and help improve other good articles.


  • Take pride in all the work you do in wikiHow. Because if you take pride in it, it will turn out to be good work. Don't be arrogant, but feel confident of yourself.
  • Treat all of the hard workers of wikiHow with respect. They put a lot of work into wikihow to try to make it the best possible.
  • Use the "Requested Topics" feature to find topics to write about.
  • Use pictures to help readers visualize the steps needed to complete a task.
  • There is always help just a click away.


  • Be sure you don't link to articles that have tags or are otherwise not quite up to wikiHow standards.
  • wikiHow does not allow bad language. So please don't use bad language or say anything that may be offensive on any part of wikiHow.
  • Research your chosen topic thoroughly. Be sure you don't copy work from someone else without permission from the owner of such material.
  • wikiHow is a body of knowledge. It is not a social networking website such as Facebook or Myspace. So if you create a wikiHow account, use it to help wikiHow.
  • Make sure to search for possible duplicates before starting a new article. You don't want to lose all that hard work.

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