How to Make Wedding Decorations

Knowing how to make wedding decorations can be confusing if you don't know where to start. Once you answer a few simple questions about your big day, though, you can start planning your wedding décor.


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    Set a budget for your wedding decorations. Decide how much you can spend in total, and after you have researched what you have in mind, figure out how you can make that fit into what you have budgeted.
    • Larger budgets can afford you large and intricate table arrangements and decorations. The bigger the budget the more extravagant you can go.
    • Smaller budgets can still give you beautiful decorations if you can come up with something creative. A small bowl vase with water and a single flower or candle in it can be simple and elegant. A mirror underneath an arrangement can also make it appear bigger or fuller than it actually is.
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    Base your décor on the time of year that the wedding will be held. It wouldn't make sense to have poinsettias at a spring or summer wedding, so use the season as a starting point for your wedding decoration planning.
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    Choose flowers to create your decorations.
    • While some flowers are generally available all year, consider choosing seasonal flowers, which can be cheaper.
    • Even silk flowers are sold based on season, so if you are looking for the best deals, consider thinking ahead and purchasing your silk wedding flowers the year before when floral and craft stores start putting the items that you want on sale.
    • Live flowers can be used to make simple arrangements using glass vases and water. Use as many cut flowers as you want to make a statement. Some brides also add accents to the vases such as clear stones, river stones or branches. Colored vases are also a decorating alternative.
    • With silk flowers, you have to hide the stems, so avoid glass vases, and instead use solid-color vases. You can arrange the flowers by putting styrofoam in the base and pushing the silk flowers down into the foam to secure them.
    • Flower petals, live or silk, are simple decorations that can be added to any wedding.
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    Decide on a theme.
    • Plan your decorations around what theme you choose. Are you going with a St. Patrick's Day or Irish theme? Are you working on a 1940s or 1950s vintage feel? Are you making the wedding a beach or other destination theme? Do you have a favorite flower that you are lacing all of the decorations with its complimenting colors?
    • Brainstorm ideas of how you can work parts of that theme into your décor. Then confer with your budget to see if the ideas that you have in mind are feasible.
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    Look at online photo albums, wedding planning websites or wedding magazines to search for inspiration.
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    Turn your inspiration into reality.
    • Swag silk, satin, tulle or other fabric on the backs of chairs or on the front of tables. You can do this by looping the fabric and securing it with wire. You can add accents such as flowers, beads or bows.
    • Add candles or flameless candles to your table arrangements for added room ambiance.
    • You can also add thematic items to glass spherical bowls or glass vases for additional decorations. For a beach theme, use sand as the base and add shells. Another idea would be to put oranges, lemons or limes to a tall vase to add color. Use cranberries and grapevine as another alternative.
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    Assemble your decorations with family and friends to make them look like what you have in mind and achieve a cost savings. Or, hire a professional to assemble them for you if no one in your circle of family or friends is creative enough.


  • Simple can translate to elegant, so don't feel like you have to overextend your budget in order to have extravagant decorations.

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