How to Make Walks Enjoyable

Walking is an excellent form of exercise, but let's face it, sometimes it's not the most enjoyable. Here are some handy ways to make that 20-30 minutes of exercise less torture and more fun. The more you enjoy your exercise, the more of it you're likely to do!


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    Getting a friend or group of friends to walk with you is a great idea. Chatting away with others can make long distances seem like a trip to the mailbox. Preoccupy each other and talk about things you would usually chat about on the phone or online. Don't let the conversion drift towards "Oh, my gosh that hill is huge."
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    If you don't have friends you can walk with, bring a portable CD player or MP3 Player (Flash based MP3 players are best for runners, walkers, or joggers.)
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    While friends and music, are excellent distractions, they are not always practical or affordable. What now? Try walking in a park or some place where you can enjoy the scenery. Change your routes so you don't get stuck looking at the same thing, again and again. Walk at different times of the day too. If you usually walk around mid-day, try taking a jog while the sun is setting in the evening.
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    If all else fails, bring a cell phone along and talk to a friend or someone else you can have a long, distracting conversation with (crush, maybe?) Just be sure that your cell phone plan will cover all minutes you may use up!


  • Bringing a camera can be fun, even if you're alone. Although, with friends you can make good memories.
  • CD players may skip if you run with them. Be sure to get a CD player with skip protection.
  • If you decide to walk alone, you can always talk on your cell phone.
  • If you buy an MP3 player be sure it's flash based if you plan to jog or run with it. Hard drive players can break if dropped or jostled excessively. Walkers can probably get away with a high capacity hard drive player, though.
  • Enjoy your scenery and surroundings. Don't think about how you're trying to get exercise, think of it as a trip to see what's going on in the neighborhood.


  • Stay aware of your surroundings, like people following you.
  • Do not wear uncomfortable or too tight clothes or shoes.
  • Do not have your music volume up so loud that you can't hear what's going on around you.
  • Do not run/jog/walk in unsafe areas, or at excessively late or early hours.

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