How to Make Use of Unwanted Baby Powder

Do you have a bottle of baby powder that you bought ages ago and haven't had the chance to use much of it? And are you also feeling bad about throwing it away? Well, you don't have to throw it away! Follow the steps below to make the most out of unused baby powder.


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    Use baby powder as a deodorant. Yes, it's an old technique and works great. To use, simply pour some powder on your palms and apply under your armpits. You can also use a tissue or any cloth to apply. It will not only smell great but the powder will help to keep the area dry. Carry the powder around in a small container and apply as necessary.
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    Use it as a dry shampoo. A great use for people with blonde or grey hair! Take a little baby powder and massage through your hair. The ingredients in baby powder will help get rid of oil and will make your hair look freshly washed. Apply overnight as all the tossing in your sleep will help the powder to get through all of your hair. If you have darker hair than it might not be much of a help but you can apply with cocoa powder to get the best of it.
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    Use it to achieve that false eyelash look. After applying the first coat of mascara, take a little amount of baby powder and use a Q-tip to dab the powder on your lashes. Then apply another coat of mascara. Repeat until you are satisfied with your result. Remember, apply only a tiny amount.
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    Make sachets out of baby powder and keep them in your closet to keep your closet smelling good all the time.
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    Get rid of bad smell from shoes by putting baby powder inside the shoes and leaving them overnight. Dust off the baby powder the next day or you may keep some amount on. Since you can easily dust off the powder, be generous with the amount. The more powder you use the better the result will be.


  • Always keep the powder out of children's reach.

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