How to Make Tree Bows

Three Parts:Preparing the ribbonsMaking the bowsDecorating the tree

A Christmas tree decorated all over with bows is a really amazing sight. The bows are easy to make at home and can form part of the preparations leading up to Christmas.

Part 1
Preparing the ribbons

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    Measure the length of ribbon. Each bow needs approximately 70cm/27.5" of ribbon length to make it a decent size. Cut as many lengths as you intend to make ribbons.
    • Also cut small lengths of the smaller ribbon that will tie the center of the bow together. Make as many small lengths as you are making bows.

Part 2
Making the bows

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    Fold the ribbon. Fold it into 2 loops, then pinch in the center. Check that the sides of the bow are even and voluminous. Fluff out if needed.
    • A fuller bow can be made using 4 or 6 loops. Increase the ribbon length if doing this.
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    Tie the middle together with the small piece of ribbon. Glue in place for added strength.
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    Fix the ends of the bow. Check that the ends are sitting neatly and evenly. Cut each end in a "V" shape, to prevent fraying and to finish off the look.
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    Cut out a piece of the hanging cord. Slip through the middle ribbon and tie to form a hanging loop. The ribbon can now be hung on the tree.
    • Repeat for the amount of bows you've made.

Part 3
Decorating the tree

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    Decorate the tree. Either cover the whole tree in bows and leave it like that, with a star or angel at the top. Or alternate with baubles. Try to keep the bows the main feature of the tree, as this has the best effect.
    • For an interesting effect, make differently colored bows that complement each other. Arrange on the tree so that no two colors that are the same sit alongside each other; this will give the tree a very colorful effect.


  • Affordable wire edge ribbon can be found in dollar stores and many craft stores. After Christmas sales are a good time to stock up on them.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire edge ribbon in colors of choice (gold, silver, white, red or green are traditional for a Christmas tree); the ribbon should be about 8cm/3 inches in width and each bow needs about 70cm/27.5" of length
  • Smaller ribbon in the same color or complementary color, for tying around the middle of each bow
  • Thin hanging cord, preferably in the same color as the bow
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

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