How to Make the Workplace Exciting

Three Parts:AttitudesEvents and PlanningBe Appreciative

The workplace is a place that you have to go all the time. Well, instead of making it a chore, why not make it a hobby? In the steps below, you will see how a boring desk job can become a fun place where all of your friends are.

Part 1

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    Learn about attitudes. Before you can attempt to change the attitude of the workplace, you need to research on attitudes. A few key points should be remembered when thinking about attitudes:
    • Attitudes are infectious. In other words, if a few people are depressed, it makes the entire setting depressing. Before you can change your attitude, talk to your upset co-workers. Ask them what their problem is, and slowly work with them to make them more cheerful about the job.
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    Learn your co-workers' personalities. If you want, go around the workplace and ask each and every one of your co-workers what their personality is. Or, if you can, figure it out indirectly by the way they act around other people.
    • If you can figure out their personalities, then you will have a good advantage. You will be able to know what makes them happy and what doesn't. Now, you need to make sure you make every single co-worker happy.
    • If you have a little extra money, go the extra mile and give them a simple gift. Think of something unique that would make them happy, and make their cubicle more interesting than before.
    • If you're giving gifts, make sure it's okay with your boss. He may not care that you buy a gift, but he might care if it's something not allowed in the workplace, so make sure you don't break any rules.
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    Express yourself. You need to express yourself a bit more. Wear interesting accessories, or spruce up your office. It will show people that you are confident and individual.
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    Socialize. Socializing not only lets people know you're not anti-social, it also encourages others to be more social. Walk up to someone and say "Hello {Name}. How are you this lovely morning?" Walk away if a conversation doesn't start up.

Part 2
Events and Planning

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    Talk to your boss. Your boss is always busy, so if you're going to talk to him/her, find a time when he or she has a break. Go into his or her office, and confidently inform him or her that the workplace seems depressing. Maybe stretch the truth a little, and tell him or her that a depressing workplace slows productivity, and maybe there needs to be an event that you could plan.
    • If he or she says no, leave it at that. Don't try to create an event that your boss specifically told you not to do; you will most likely lose your job.
    • If he or she says yes, then start planning slowly so you're not rushing him or her into to doing something that he or she feels iffy about in the first place.
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    Plan the event. Set a date with your boss. Write down what it is that you're planning, the people that need to participate to make the event successful, and specify whether the event is something you have to be a part of or not.
    • Make work tasks an incentive. Your boss will most likely be for making it a 'you must do {amount} of work here for the event to happen'. It will give the people in the workplace something to work for, and will promote teamwork as well.
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    Make sure you participate in the event. If it's something such as a crazy tie day, then give ties to your co-workers to wear. They will appreciate the gesture and most likely thank you.
    • If you forget, don't fret. You made sure other people would definitely participate, right?
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    Get feedback after the event. When the event is over, walk around and ask how people liked it and if they would want to do it again.
    • If the event was a success, then ask your boss whether you might set up a group which has permission to plan and organize other events in the future.
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    Plan an impromptu event. This could be a friendly competition between you and one of your co-workers. It would be a nice thing to do, and would also increase productivity.

Part 3
Be Appreciative

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    Give people recognition when they've done a good job. Every time a worker does something good, compliment them for it. They will see you as a good, kind-hearted person who can really do a lot to make the work place better.
    • Check up on them. Ask them how are they feeling, or if they're up for a task today.
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    Inform your boss how productivity has been increased with a better attitude. He or she will most likely be a bit nicer around your fellow co-workers and to you. In addition, he or she will show appreciation for all you've done.


  • When it doubt, get a plant. Plants are common and nice gifts for the office; just make sure your boss is okay with it.
  • Try to do some extra work for your boss, so that he or she will like you better. He or she may promote you, and you can become your co-worker's nice boss.


  • Never do anything without permission. Doing things without permission could get you into trouble or even fired.

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