How to Make the Sports Team

Three Parts:Developing yourselfPreparing for a sportDoing tryouts

Want to try out for a new sport, but don't know how to go about doing it? Here are some steps that apply to every sport out there, for school or just for fun. Don't fret about making your favorite sports team; these simple steps will allow you the easiest try-outs of your life, helping you to find your inner athlete!

Part 1
Developing yourself

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    Improve your physical strength. No matter what sport you choose, you need to have a regular exercise routine. This could be going to your gym or just working out from home. Create a balanced workout routine and make sure you stick to working out a few days a week. Don't rush into anything extreme especially if you haven't been working out lately or regularly. This would make you much more likely to strain yourself and get injured. Take it slow at first and slowly start to increase intensity when you can handle it.
    • Train to build stamina. If you don't have good stamina, it will be hard to have the endurance to play a full game in any sport.
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    Develop your emotional strength. Problems in all aspects of your life including home, school and work can really bring you down. When you're down, your performance in everything can take a major hit. If you do have problems that are upsetting, you need to find a way to handle them. It is important that you keep your stress levels low and keep your mood stable.

Part 2
Preparing for a sport

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    Find a sport that interests you. If you like watching baseball, go out for the Little League team; football, go out for the county team; etc.
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    Practice the sport at least 45 minutes a day, but more when you're first learning it. This will help you remember the techniques and rules better.
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    Get the supplies you need. For example, get a bat, baseball, and glove for baseball, or a football and kicking tee for football, etc.
    • Turn up with the correct equipment, organization is a valuable trait of a team member.
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    Work on the needed skills. If you're trying out for a team, make sure you know all of the rules and know how to play the game. Research the sport through any means such as books, the internet or through friends whom are familiar with the sport itself. Depending on the sport, you should try to master some of the skills which will be important for try-outs. For example if you are a good offensive Soccer player, you may want to make sure that you know how to play in defence in case you are needed in that position.
    • Learn the rules and regulations of that sport. There are a ton of people who will be willing to teach you the new sport, but have a good attitude or they'll give up on you!
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    Have a friend practice with you. They'll keep you on track and be your support system when you're sore and don't want to get up, but you have to do the same for them, too!
    • If you have the opportunity and money, go to a camp. They'll teach you a lot of vital skills for the sport.
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    Establish a rapport with the coach. If the coach knows you are responsible, hard-working and trustworthy then they will be much more willing to give you a spot on the team. Try to show these attributes at all times to develop you as a person on the team; however, don't ever believe that being trustworthy alone will get you a guaranteed place on the team. You need to be good at the sport itself too.
    • Coaches look for people who are teachable. Be willing to learn new things.
    • Talk to current team members so you can get advice to how to be a better player.
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    Analyze the competition. Make sure you know who you're going up against and how good they are. Find their weakness and use it against them.

Part 3
Doing tryouts

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    Sign up for the tryouts early. Don't sign up at the last minute.
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    Be on time on the day of the tryouts. Tardiness is almost always going to get you turned away. No coach wants to deal with someone who gives the impression that they don't care about the team or whether they make it or not.
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    Wear the appropriate attire. Use common sense and be appropriate. You don't want to be uncomfortable when playing.
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    Be prepared. The tryouts will not be as easy as you think.
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    If your sport is a team sport, be a team player. Don't act like a show-off––chances are you'll just look foolish in front of people that have played years longer than you.
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    Help other people out. Cheer and pump up the other players. The coach will want people that support each other, even if they aren't the best on the team.
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    Try again. If you miss the free throw, as long as it doesn't hold everyone else up, try again. This will show the coach you're not a quitter.
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    Hope that you make the team. If not, don't be a sore loser. Thank the coach, tell the others that made it, "Congratulations," and walk out with your head held up high, knowing that you did your best.
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    Keep practicing your sport. If its running then you can run every day; this will build stamina and speed. Always be positive.


  • You may have some really sporty people in your year, don't let them make you think you can never be as good as them because you can. Everybody has to start somewhere. Don't let anyone get you down.
  • Pay attention. Don't talk with others while the coach is talking.
  • Keep hydrated. It's important to do so so that you can keep up with everyone else.
  • Wear deodorant and bring water.
  • Shake the coaches' hand(s) and thank them.
  • Make sure the sport you are trying out for is really what you want to do, you don't want to get into the team and then realize it isn't the right thing for you.
  • Be positive and confident about your choices.
  • Use good body language, (no arm crossing) arrive early to show you care, and don't forget to smile and show love for the sport.
  • Don't be discouraged if you don't make it, just analyze what you did wrong and make sure you try harder next time.
  • Be a good sport and have a sportsman-like attitude. The coach and selectors want people who are able to be good sports.


  • Always pay attention. Coaches will recognize that.
  • Always remember if you do not make it, it doesn't mean you are automatically a horrible player. Don't let anybody get you down.
  • Keep in contact and watch what other people are doing that the coach compliments, and try it.
  • If you don't make the team, don't be disappointed. It just means you need a little more time to fine-tune what you've learned
  • Don't have attitude. Always be sportsmanlike, even in defeat.
  • Never be disrespectful to the coach, remember, he controls who is on the team, not you.
  • Always stretch, so you won't be sore at the end.

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