How to Make the Most of Your Wavy Hair

Some girls just can not stand their wavy hair, it can be easy to tangle, frizzy and hard to maintain. Yet some girls know exactly how to pull it off, and when it is done right you will realize just how lucky you are to have those waves.


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    Condition well. When it comes to wavy or curly hair it can be difficult to maintain a sleek look. However, by using the right shampoo and conditioner you can create a shiny, sleek look that other girls will be craving.
    • If your waves are turning to frizz your hair may be lacking moisture. If this is the case, invest in a moisture intense shampoo and conditioner that is designed to lock in moisture and keep your hair full of life.
    • It is recommended that you wash your hair every three days, however you may be required to wash it more or less depending on your hair type.
    • Swimming and spending a lot of time in the sun (or in the cold) can place your hair under a lot of stress. Provide it with it's daily needs by buying a simple leave in conditioner. If you are really serious about having beautiful, frizz-free hair, also consider a deep conditioner/ hair mask, which should be applied approximately once a week.
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    Give it a cut. If your hair is thick or you want more control over those waves, consider going to your nearest hair-dresser and getting some layers. Layers lighten your hair and make it more manageable. You may find that your hair tangles more at the bottom than the top, this is due to unhealthy ends and a good trim can clear up all split unhealthy ends, therefore resulting in healthier, manageable hair. If the layers are done right, it will create a beautiful beachy look when styled. If the beachy look isn't really your thing layers will simply make your hair easier to style as you wish.
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    Maintain it. Other than conditioning and cutting your hair, there are other ways to help maintain it. Treat your hair with the respect it deserves, don't style it in harsh ways that may cause it to tangle. Before you go to sleep, gently brush out all tangles and tie it in a loose ponytail or plait. When you wake up it should still be fairly easy to manage.
    • Some pillow cases can be harsh on your hair, to help maintain it while you sleep invest in a satin or silk pillowcase to prevent knotting. A lot of girls do not realize how precious their hair really is. Remember, each strand is no thicker than a tip of a pin, so treat it gently, especially when it is wet (This is when it is most vulnerable).
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    Experiment with it. The great thing about having wavy hair is the vast variety of different ways you can style it with minimal effort. A loose, wavy, side bun creates an elegant yet simple look. Depending on the way your hair sits, sometimes you don't have to style it at all and it will still look fabulous.
    • For something different, turn your waves into cute curls by scrunching your hair with styling mousse. Sometimes it can be fun to transform those waves into a sleek straight do, so give it a go, you will never know what works for you unless you try. The possibilities are endless so make the most of those waves.
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    Appreciate your waves. Yes! Believe it! You are incredibly lucky to have wavy hair. Sometimes, dead-straight hair is just bland and boring. Having wavy hair allows you to do many things with it, without destroying it. Look at the way waves gently reflect the sun, and they look so natural. Natural waves fall beautifully upon your shoulder and frame your face well. If you don't appreciate those waves, you really should, waves are versatile and brilliant!


  • Keep a hair-band handy for unwelcome bad hair days.
  • Applying oil to your hair can soften it and make it less frizzy naturally!
  • If your hair is dead, consider a hair cut. Wavy hair can tangle easy so when it is unhealthy it can be very difficult to manage.
  • Experiment with different styles, and ask others for advice.
  • Cut back on conditioning if you have oily hair.
  • Condition often if your hair is dry or use a leave in conditioner.
  • Don't worry if no matter what you do with your hair you're still unhappy, it'll grow again and you'll get a second chance at your hairstyle.


  • If you do not use the correct shampoo and conditioner, you may find your hair even dryer than it previously was.
  • Brushing your hair when wet will cause damage, don't do it.

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