How to Make the Letter "A" from Scooby Wire

Scooby wires are simple, extruded plastic laces; they've been around for quite a while and are also known as Scoubidou or Scoobies. The art of weaving tough plastic strands into artistic and practical shapes is popular because the Scoobies are supple, round and hollow plastic, making them easy to shape and weave. This article will explain how to make the letter A from Scooby wires, which can then be used to add to items such as key chains, zipper pulls and lanyards.


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    Take two Scooby wires consisting of two different colors. For the sake of an example, black and blue will be the two colors for this tutorial.
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    Find the center of both Scooby wires. Lay one upon another (as shown in the picture).
    • Add a key ring to any wire. Push it to the center so that you can use it as a key chain.
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    Take the first blue strand. Place it between the next two strands.
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    Repeat this action with every end. Then place the last one in the loop of the first strand. At this stage, you have made a starting square stitch. Now continue doing this until the project is approximately 6 centimetres in length.
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    To finish this, create a last loose knot. Then take the first wire and place it in between the center part by passing it through the previous wire (as shown in the picture). Pull tight. After that, cut the remaining wires, leaving approximately 1 cm of length in place. At this stage, you have made one side of the letter. Now make the same piece for the opposite side.
    • Before starting the opposite side, take the keyring with which the previous side was made and place the keyring in the middle of the new side's one strand. Then follow the same steps as for the previous side.
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    To join both pieces together, make another piece measuring about 3 to 2 centimetres in length. First create a starting stitch, then place it below a strand (as shown in the picture). Then take the strands up and make a tight knot before continuing with the stitching.
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    When you have reached the other side, do the same step as you did for joining the end of the first side.
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    Join this side with the other side. Cut off the excess wires. It is now completed and you can add the A to a zipper pull, key chain, lanyard, etc.


  • You can also make a cursive A just by making one piece of about 10-12 cm and then joining it with itself and the other piece (of about 5-6 cm) by bending it.
  • In this way you can also make other letters.


  • Don't pull the wire too tightly or loosely; pulling it too tightly can cause it to break, while leaving it too loose, this can make the end result look sloppy.

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