How to Make Tasty Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are great in hot weather. But they're also just water, so they can tend to be a little on the bland side or just plain dull to look at. It can be a lot of fun to spice up the ordinary ice cube with added flavors and colors. And if you're really creative, you might even like to try layering differently colored ice cubes in your next drink.


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    Add some herbs to the ice cubes. Herbs can add a nice touch and even a little flavor burst to a drink. Suitable herbs to add to ice cubes include mint leaves, thyme leaves, borage flowers and basil leaves. Just be sure to add the cubes to drinks that will work nicely with floating plant life!
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    Freeze a solid food present inside the ice cubes. This is a great way to add a fun element to the cocktail drinks. Freeze a whole olive or cocktail cherry (pits removed) inside an ice cube. When the cube melts, the fruit will bob around the drink, begging to be eaten.
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    Add flowers to the ice cubes. Seeing an edible flower inside an ice cube is like a miniature work of art and it won't spoil the drink. Choose such flowers as flowering herbs (thyme, oregano, borage, etc.), small rose buds or miniature roses, nasturtium petals or violets. Whatever flower you choose, be sure that it's totally edible.
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    Add fruit to the ice cubes. Small pieces of fruit are often an ideal addition to a cocktail, fruit juice drink or similar sweet drink. Suitable additions include strawberries, raspberries, chopped orange/lime/lemon, mango pieces, blueberries, etc. Many sorts of fruit will work well and can be purposefully matched to the intended drink's flavor.
    • Some fruits will turn brown when exposed to air, and some will turn brown when frozen, so do a test run first.
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    Make ice cubes from tasty liquids. Instead of using water, use a soft drink or similar flavored liquid to make the ice cubes. In some cases, this will not only improve the flavor but will also add color. Just be sure that the flavor combination works for the drinks you're adding the cubes to. Some examples include:
    • Kool Aid ice cubes
    • Soft drink ice cubes
    • Juice cubes.
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    Put chocolate inside the ice cubes. Imagine that––chocolate ice cubes! Well, they're actually really tasty. You can either make the entire ice cube from chocolate liquid (such as chocolate milk), or you can break off pieces of dark, high quality chocolate and toss it inside. Suitable for drinks that are already on the chocolatey side.
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    Color the ice cubes. Colored ice cubes can look amazing inside some drinks, especially if you aim to color coordinate their arrangement. Colored cubes are as easy as adding a small drop of food coloring to the water for each cube before freezing. Either use one single color or mix it up with various different colors, as you like.
    • When serving, layering crushed colored ice can be exceptionally effective.


  • You're not confined to ice cube trays. Much larger chunks of ice can be created for adding to punches and other large drink displays. Use small plastic food containers and freeze the ice and its colors or additives in the container. Then simply tip the ice into the drink bowl.
  • You can even make the whole bowl from ice. See How to make an ice bowl for more details.


  • Keep flavored ice cubes well covered and use within a few weeks of making. Left in the freezer too long, the flavor will soon disappear and can quickly taste rank. Nothing worse for an otherwise tasty cocktail!

Things You'll Need

  • Ice cube trays
  • Additives or food coloring
  • Water

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