How to Make Sure Your Mom Didn't Read Your Diary

Is your mom a snoop? Think she might read- or have read- your personal Diary? Read this to find out! (This might work with your dad, too.)


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    Come out and ask her. Chances are, she forgot about it if she did. If she is honest, you're in luck! She might lie, though!
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    Write something in your Diary that could come up in a conversation. Don't make it complicated. Instead of: "I really like rooms with light pink walls and white ceilings and a tan, dark floor with soft carpet." You could say: "If I ever get to decorate my room, guess what color I'll paint it?" But don't say something like: "I want a big room." That would be too simple. Make sure it fits into the conversation, though, and you haven't mentioned it before. Then, if your mom guesses right, you can tell. It might just be a lucky guess.
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    Determine if she might have seen it. You can do this, by:
    • Misplaced Diary or Keys. Did you leave it on your desk and it's now on your bed? Make sure you didn't misplace anything, though.
    • Unlocked Diary Lock. You locked it, and now it's unlocked!, Or, the lock is backwards! This could have been your fault, though.
    • Family whispering. Chances are, your mom read your Diary to find out secrets. If she read it in the first place, she'll probably tell someone. See if she's whispering or laughing.
    • She gives you a "talk talk". The talk that goes like this: Mom: Can I talk to you? You: Sure. Mom: Do you have some kind of problem? You: No... (weirded out) Mom: Oh, okay. Remember you can always talk to me.
    • She is always thinking about something. If it has to do with you, she might look at you or something of yours. When you ask what's wrong she won't tell you.
    • She keeps wanting to spend time with you. If she wants to go on a daughter-mother day, something might have happened.
    • She is trying to relate to you. If she read your Diary, and it said you liked something like a TV show, she might try to like it, so you two can be alike.
    • She's obsessive. If she keeps being super into your business, she might've read something.

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