How to Make Star Wars Snowflakes

Three Parts:Sample Snowflake TemplatesGather Your SuppliesCreate Your Star Wars Snowflake

Getting ready for the holidays but want to infuse your love for Star Wars in your décor? Instead of creating run of the mill snowflakes to hang in the window, announce your love for all things Jedi by creating unique snowflakes in the shape of your favorite Star Wars characters.

Sample Snowflake Templates

If using these snowflake templates, cut out only the black portions.

Printable Darth Maul Snowflake Template

Printable Darth Vader Snowflake Template

Printable R2 D2 Snowflake Template

Part 1
Gather Your Supplies

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    Purchase strong, white cardstock to create your snowflakes. Since you will be either taping them to a window or hanging them you want to design the snowflake on very strong paper that can withstand the rigors of the holidays and possibly be used again in the future.
    • Find a very sharp pair of scissors to cut out the snowflakes. The right pair of scissors is the key to creating a professional looking snowflake. Make sure you select only the sharpest pair; sharpen any dull blades before embarking upon this project.
    • Consider using a variety of scissors in order to cut out the intricate shapes. Find a pair of scissors with a smaller blade so you can make small cuts and round the edges for a more intricate project.
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    Sharpen a pencil and find a good eraser. While you will most likely cut through the pencil marks you will need to erase any pencil that remains.
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    Download the Star Wars template. A number of websites offer a variety of Star Wars snowflake templates that you can use. Many have multiple designs featuring a bevy of characters.
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    Print the template on heavy bond paper. A heavier bond paper will allow you to create a hearty template that you can easily trace and re-use. Be sure your printer can handle the paper bond and won’t jam or damage the printer. (You may want to consult the manual to determine how heavy you can go.)
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    Consider picking up clear tape, a glue stick and glitter to add pizzazz to your snowflake. Why stick with boring white when you can jazz up your snowflake? If you like Jedi white, you could use white or silver glitter to make your snowflake shine.

Part 2
Create Your Star Wars Snowflake

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    Cut out your snowflake design from the printed template. Be very deliberate when cutting out the shape; going slowly with the scissors and being sure you round out every corner in order to create a clean template.
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    Place the template over the cardstock and trace the design. Lightly trace the template over the cardstock. Avoid pressing your pencil down hard on the cardstock in case you make an error and need to erase.
    • Consider taping the template down over the cardstock to keep it firmly in place. If the template keeps slipping while you are trying to trace, use small pieces of clear tape on the far edges of the template to hold it in place.
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    Cut out the snowflake on your cardstock. Once you have the snowflake fully traced, carefully cut it out.
    • Use different sized scissors for some of the intricate edges. Stop cutting when you get to areas that require a more intricate touch and grab the smaller pair of scissors.
    • Erase any remaining pencil marks on the snowflake. Once it's cut out, examine the snowflake for remaining pencil marks. Use a clean eraser to remove the marks.
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    Decorate the snowflake using glitter, faux jewels and any other fun adornments. Let your creativity and imagination run wild by customizing and designing your snowflake with your own unique touch.
    • Cover the snowflake surface with glue from the glue stick before affixing decorative items. Use broad strokes over the snowflake, covering every inch of it with a thin sheet of glue.
    • Add glitter by liberally sprinkling it directly from the container onto the snowflake over a paper plate. As the residual glitter falls from the snowflake it will hit the paper plate and can be reused for the next snowflake or project.
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    Show off your snowflake.


  • If you plan to tape snowflakes to the window, don’t forget to decorate both sides so you can see the beauty from both inside and outside of your home.
  • Punch a small hole in the top of the snowflake if you plan to hang if from the ceiling. Use clear fishing wire to hang snowflakes to give it an appearance of suspension.

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