How to Make Spa Water

Want to give your home spa the finishing touch? Want to calm yourself in a sip? Or maybe you just need a more interesting way to get the recommended 8 glasses a day. Whatever your motive, spa water is perfect for this purpose. It's healthy, tasty, inexpensive, and refreshing. Try some.


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    Decide what type of spa water you want- here are the main types, but feel free to improvise.
    • Lemon water: Pure, fresh water with crisp lemon slices and maybe a dash of sugar. Best as a healthy alternative to lemonade, or to relax and perk up after a hard day.
    • Orange and Lime water: Clean mineral enhanced water with a few small slices of lime and orange alternating. Best for spa treatments.
    • Cucumber water: Clean, pure water with 3-6, depending on pitcher size, large cucumber slices. Best after working out. Also, if you're a kid, a less embarrassing way to get your vegetables.
    • Peach water: Just plain yummy! Peach slices in clean water. Also good in seltzer, these are good for parties (spa night, anyone?)
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    Gather your ingredients. See "things you'll need" .
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    Fill a pitcher with cool water, and add a few ice cubes if desired.
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    Slice chosen fruit(s) into desired size- this varies depending on the size of the pitcher you are using. Be careful not to put in too many or too large slices- this can be overpowering, and make it seem pulpy and more like juice or fruit 2.0 which you don't want- spa water should hint at the taste of said fruit, not completely give it.
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    Put the slices into the pitcher(s), shake a little, and wait a few minutes for the taste to set in.
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    Pour a little into a glass and sample it. There should be little to no pulp, just a hint of flavor, and you should feel refreshed.
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  • Drink some "spa water" after you work out to perk yourself up. It's also great when taking a bubble bath, after a face steam, facial, etc, but NOT after getting your nails done - ever. Fumes and water are a bad combination.
  • Make up your own flavors and variations!
  • Don't expect a burst of flavour in one sip. Spa water is supposed to be light and refreshing.
  • When you go to spas, look at their variations- you never know what you'll find!
  • Test it out on a few friends at your next party!
  • Use good quality mineral water, like Fiji Water or Evian, for best results. It's very good for you, tastes better, and has adorable bottles- so worth the investment!

Things You'll Need

  • Pitcher
  • Mineral water
  • Fruit
  • Water glasses

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