How to Make Silk, Satin or Ribbon Roses

Silk roses are great for decorating, enhancing clothing on special occasions, and making craft projects. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own roses out of ribbon, satin, or silk. (In fact, any long piece of fabric at all will work - even shoelaces.) Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to make roses in 30 seconds or less!- Yes, however here is how to make silk/satin flower hanky holders, makes beautiful little stocking filler gifts for Christmas, and they are pretty and unique, you won't find any like them in the shops, the craftwork is beautiful unusual and made to last.....for example say you request to a flower shop- you want silk flowers made with the colours of their followed football team in memory of a much cherished relation - discuss the design and how you want the silk/satin tribute to look, your own personal ideas- not another one like it anywhere in the world. Firstly show the layout design from the sketches you have; they will use your sketch as a guide for them to work from, and they aim to please you with the finished product. Make each silk or satin flower individually, and once the silk /satin flowers are made use glass tubes then set them in an oasis basket with pictures and windmills etc.


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    Choose a material color. Reds and pinks are traditional rose colors, but you might want to make a yellow, white, or even a black rose for a different effect.
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    Cut the strip to about 8in (20cm) long (optional). If it is shorter, it is harder to work with, and if it is longer, there will be far more ribbon than is required for a rose. Note that since you will cut the ribbon again when the rose is complete, you can skip this step to avoid wasting lengths of ribbon.
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    Fold the ribbon over itself at the halfway mark to form a corner.
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    Fold the bottom strand of ribbon over the central folds. The other strand of ribbon will now be on the bottom.
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    Continue folding each bottom strand over the central folds until you have a stack of squares. Alternate folds until the stack is of considerable thickness or you’ve almost run out of ribbon.
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    Pinch the two lose ribbon ends together between your thumb and index finger. Don't worry about letting go of the stack of squares; because they’re folded together, they will simply stretch out into an accordion.
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    Grab one of the loose ends of ribbon and slowly pull it out of the folded accordion. Be sure to keep the other end stationary as you pull. This will bunch the folds of the accordion more closely together, making a little knot of petals. Pull until the rose is the size and shape you desire, but note that if you pull too far, the folds will pop right out and the rose will be undone.
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    Carefully tie a knot in the back of the rose and cut the excess ribbon. It might help to flip the rose over and press the ribbon down with one finger while you tie the knot. Again, do not pull the strands too hard or you will undo the petal folds.


  • The wider the ribbon, the bigger the rose. The narrower the ribbon, the smaller the rose.
  • The stiffer the fabric, the more pointed the petals look in the end.
  • These can make a great bouquet. If you make a dozen in red they go great with a box of chocolates!
  • To finish off the rose, you can attach a thin wire and wrap the two ends of the ribbon (and wire stem if you choose) with floral tape. This will give a finished look. Just be sure that the stem is proportional to the rose size, or it may look funny.
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    *The longer the ribbon; the more petals on the rose.


  • when making these silk /satin roses be careful at all times using craft scissors and a staple gun, children and teenagers must be supervised learning a new craft, and who knows when they are older if they so wished they could earn money from their craft and interest.
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Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon or other long piece of cloth
  • Floral tape (optional)
  • Wire for stem (optional)

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