How to Make School Time Fly

Three Methods:Distracting YourselfEngaging With Your WorkBreaking Up the Boredom

You know the feeling. The clock says 2:32, and you don't get out of school until 3:00. Every second seems to drag on for an hour. Nonetheless, you can make the time pass a little faster if you give it some effort.

Method 1
Distracting Yourself

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    Daydream a bit. If you've got a few minutes before the bell rings, let your mind wander a bit. Think about what you're going to do after school or where you'd travel in the world if you could go anywhere. Make believe you can fly or have some other super power. Just let your mind wander, and take a little break. When you come back, you'll realize more time has past than you would have expected.[1]
    • Don't let your imagination wander too far. Try to refocus on class material by incorporating it into your flights of fantasy. For example, if you're bored in math class, try to include the day's lesson in a fantasy about robots to keep you grounded and learning. Do these robots battle each other using the quadratic equation?
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    Doodle in your notebook. If your teacher doesn't make the rounds to see what you're writing, you can try drawing in your notebook as the teacher talks. If you tilt the notebook toward you, you'll look like you're taking notes, but you'll actually be making the time pass more quickly.[2]
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    Enjoy some creative writing time. This method may work even better than doodling. As long as your teacher doesn't look too closely at what the words are, it will definitely look like you're taking notes. Write a journal entry or write a note to your best friend. Alternatively, try writing a short story based on something you see in the room. What's that stapler's life story, for instance?[3]
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    Make rhymes. With everything your teacher says, try to turn it into a rhyme. For instance, if your teacher says, "The climate in Spain is very wet." You could think, "When in Spain, it will rain." As an added bonus, you'll still partially be paying attention.[4]
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    Count your way to freedom. Pick something to count. You can count the number of times your teacher uses the letter "z" or the number of times she says "Listen!" Counting forces you to stay awake and can help you lose track of the time.[5]

Method 2
Engaging With Your Work

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    Come to class ready to learn. If you don't know you're stuff ahead of time, you're going to be bored to tears in class because you won't understand what's going on. When you're bored, time passes more slowly. If you are ready ahead of time, class will seem more interesting, and time will pass faster.[6]
    • Do your homework before class, including all the reading. It can also help you to review your notes from last class when you're waiting for class to start so you remember where you are.[7]
    • It can also help to be physically ready for class. That means that you've eaten a good breakfast or lunch and gotten enough sleep, so that you can focus on what's going on.[8]
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    Interact with your teacher and classmates. When you're given a chance, speak up in class. Join in with what people are talking about. If your teacher doesn't allow small group discussions, she probably at least encourages you to ask and answer questions. Being engaged instead of sitting there bored can help time pass faster.[9]
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    Ramp up your listening skills. Engaging in class doesn't just mean you talk more. It also means you listen better.[10]
    • Try to block out other sounds besides what your teacher or other students are saying. That is, try not to listen to the pencil tapping in the back of the round, the student next to you rustling paper, or the car alarm going off outside. Force your attention on the teacher.[11]
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    Take notes well. Note taking is not a skill you are naturally born with. You have to learn how to do it well, and it takes some practice. Fortunately, you have time to do that while you are still in school.[12]
    • Focus on the main points. It's impossible to take down everything your teacher says word for word, unless you can bring your laptop to school, and you're a super fast typist. That means you need to focus on writing down the main ideas. Your teacher should help you with this by emphasizing what's most important a few times. He or she may even say what you should be writing down.[13]
    • Additionally, pay attention to what your teacher writes on the board or projector. You know those ideas are important.
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    Try to state it your own way. One way to keep your brain going in class is to write your notes in your own words. If you're just writing it exactly as the teacher says it, you may not be actually taking it in. Plus, you're not engaging your brain, so you're more likely to get bored. However, if you try to put it in your own words, you'll be more engaged and learn more at the same time.[14]
    • For instance, if your teacher says, "One of the major wars of the 20th Century was World War II." You could write, "Big war, 20th century, World War II." You don't need to write complete sentences, just enough to get the idea down.
    • In fact, don't be afraid to use abbreviations you understand so you can get down more information.[15]

Method 3
Breaking Up the Boredom

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    Break your classes into chunks. When you're looking at one boring length of time, it can seem to stretch on forever. However, when you break your time up into smaller pieces, it may seem to go faster as get through smaller chunks. Of course, you're just doing this in your head, but this little mind game can make it seem like you're getting through school faster.[16]
    • For instance, you could break up periods into "starting class," "getting information," "taking notes," "getting the homework assignment," and "preparing to leave." You could even write these sections in your notebook and cross them off as you get through them. Alternatively, you could do specified chunks of time, such as the first 15 minutes, the second 15 minutes, and so on.
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    Figure out why you find school so boring. Write down things that you find annoying or boring about school. Maybe it's certain subjects you don't like. Maybe you just don't like sitting still for so long. Maybe you can't stand not talking for that period of time. Whatever it is, write it down.[17]
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    Try to find solutions for your problems. If you can't sit still for very long, ask your teachers if your class can take short stretch breaks in the middle of class, so you can move more. If you're bored by certain subjects, try to find things that interest you within that subject. For instance, you may hate history, but you may find it more interesting when you read the individual stories of people in that time period, rather than a general overview.[18]
    • You can't change everything you dislike about school. However, you can change some things. Don't be afraid to talk to your teachers about things that would help you. Some teachers may not be willing to change the class up, but others will want to do everything they can to help you.[19]
    • If you do approach your teacher with a request, make sure to do it when you're not in class. Try coming after school. You could say something like, "Hi, Mrs. Jones. I came here to ask you to consider a favor. I know class is already short, but I was wondering if maybe we could take a short stretch break in the middle. Moving around a little can really help me focus better, and I think other students might feel the same. I completely understand if you don't want to do it, but I'd appreciate it if you thought about it."
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    Challenge yourself. Sometimes you may feel a little bored because you're waiting for other students to catch up. If you are bored for that reason, it's fine to ask your teacher for something a little more challenging while you wait. She may be able to give you something that will help you use your brain and keep you entertained at the same time.[20]


  • Ask permission before using your phone or studying for another class.
  • If your teacher is talking about something important, you should listen.
  • Take bathroom breaks every now and then just to get away for a few minutes. However teachers may not want to do it because it can start a "chain reaction"; where one person asks then another then another. Also try not to do this near the end or start of a break time because they may say "You should've gone at break time" or "You can go when break time starts".

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