How to Make Scary Halloween Decorations

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When the ordinary pumpkin and candy decorations just won't cut it this Halloween, go for scary. Scary is in the eye of both the craftsperson and the viewer, so these suggestions are something to build upon once you feel more inspired.

Method 1
Body Parts

Seeing body parts always freaks people out, and with good reason too!

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    Make dead bodies. There are lots of things you can do with dummies or simply stuffing wadding or padding inside clothing and pretending it's parts of bodies or whole bodies. Here are some ways to make dead body decorations for Halloween:
    • Purchase some old pants from the thrift store. Stuff the pants with rags, pillows or wadding to look like real legs. Attach stuffed socks at the end to look like real feet. Upend the stuffed pants so that the waist goes into the ground; slide a bamboo pole (or similar) down one pant leg and hammer into the ground to keep in place. Make a whole row of these creepy half bodies to make it look like a whole family is stuck under the ground.
    • Find or purchase a whole outfit. Stuff as in the prior decoration, to make it appear that a person is inside. For the head, stuff a stocking and either paste on felt facial features or draw in place. This fellow can now be flopped anywhere in your yard as a dead body feature. You can make variations like sticking a knife into its back with blood pouring out or tying a noose around its neck and hanging it from a tree branch (in this case, you'll need to make sure that the head is firmly attached to the body).
    • Use rubber arms or feet to make into decorations. These can be made to appear like they're emerging from the earth, passing through walls or simply "hanging about".
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    Use skulls for decorations. There are so many ways to make creepy skull decorations, as the skull itself is fairly scary. Here are ways to turn skulls into decorations:
    • Place a plastic skull onto eight spider's legs. Place it in the yard, looking as if it's running across the grass.
    • Place a skull inside a fake bird's nest with a light glowing underneath.
    • Paint plastic or other pre-made skulls. You can make them neon, glow-in-the-dark, pastel, patterned, bleeding, whatever. The crazier the idea, the scarier it can look, so why not a Barbie doll skull?

Method 2

A focus on death always brings one to the scarier side of life.

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    Make a coffin. Place on display at the front entrance or in your yard.
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    Make headstones. Old planks of wood, chunks of foam or even cardboard will make easy headstones. Place these around your yard with witty headstone commentaries.
    • Some fun things to write on headstones include: "I told you I was sick"; "Cee U Aggen"; "Barry M.E. Deep"; "Here lies John Yeast; Pardon Me for Not Rising"; "Ted N. Buried"; and "Dracula Lies Here - Fangs for the Memories".
    • Drape with fake cobwebs to complete the look.
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    Make graves. Use soil or fill to mark out a grave shape on the front yard lawn. Line with rope, small garden fence or similar to help define the shape. Stick the headstone made in the previous step at the top of the grave.

Method 3
Creatures of the Night

Into this category goes all those beasts, ghouls and scary monsters that you only think about when it gets dark. Note that dummies are presumed to be made using the method outlined in the first section (clothes plus stuffing).

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    Turn the vampire design into scary decorations. Vampires bring to mind fangs, capes, dripping blood and red eyes. All of these design features can be used to make scary decorations.
    • Make a stuffed vampire. Pin him to a tree looking down on the trick or treaters or place her overlooking a balcony.
    • Make food with a vampire feel, such as cakes or cookies iced to look like two fangs have sunk into them, with red jam or coloring oozing out of the bite holes.
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    Make zombie decorations. Stuffed zombies are fairly similar to the stuffed bodies outlined in an earlier section. However, add more gore, like oozing pus, bloodied gashes, maggots eating the flesh, etc.
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    Use witches as a decoration theme. Witches are a typical Halloween decoration, along with their cauldrons, black cats, broomsticks and bats.
    • Make witch hands. Place candy corn in the tips of clear disposable gloves. Fill the rest with popcorn. Tie off with yarn or raffia. Make as many as you like and hang or throw them around the yard for decoration.
    • Make a levitating witch broom. Hang it from a branch or somewhere else in the yard.
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    Make ghosts and ghoul decorations. There are plenty of possibilities when you have access to plastic bags, white net fabric and white sheets!
    • Make spooky ghosts from ordinary plastic grocery bags.
    • Turn your dog into a ghost and let him loose in the yard on Halloween.
    • Read How to make a ghost for lots more scary ghost decoration ideas.
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    Try basing your decorations on other famous scary icons. For example, Slenderman, mummies and headless horsemen.
    • Make alien cocoons. Hang them from tree branches. Even better if you can get them to glow mysteriously.
    • Make a mummy and while you're at it, why not make some mummy cupcakes too?
    • Make a Slenderman dummy. Buy a dark suit, stick a light ball on top for a head and cover it with a white stocking. Stitch, staple or glue on top of the stuffed suit jacket. Joint the suit jacket to the pants. Add some tennis shoes at the base. And finish with stuffed white gloves. Place in the bushes or have him staring from behind a distant tree (you might need to use light to focus on him).


  • Make use of noise and lighting to increase the scary impact of your Halloween decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Rags, clothing, etc.
  • Props
  • Dollar store items
  • Glue, stapler, string, thread, nails, etc. for putting it all together
  • Special lighting effects (where relevant)

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