How to Make Roses from Autumn Leaves

Pretty autumn leaves can be transformed into beautiful roses, ideal to use in a table setting or embedded inside a wreath. To make these roses, you will need to ensure you are using large, pliable leaves that don’t crack or break when bent. While fresh leaves may be fun to use, consider using faux leaves from the local craft store too in the event fresh don’t cooperate.


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    Roll a smaller leaf into a tight roll. You will want to use a leaf that has a significant stem because this leaf will act as your base.
    • When rolling/folding leaf, make sure you fold the points in as you roll the leaf from side to side.
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    Add the second leaf to the rolled base leaf and fold the center point downward.
    • Place the rolled leaf in the center of this leaf.
    • Fold the side points downward and wrap both sides around the rolled leaf.
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    Add more leaves, rotating the base portion of the flower in order to achieve an even and balanced size.
    • Larger leaves should go on the outside of the rose.
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    Wrap stems and secure rose with the florist tape once you’ve achieved the desired size.

Things You’ll Need

  • Several leaves to create one flower (leaves should be pliable and in tact)
  • Small twigs
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors


  • Preserve real leaves by rubbing a small coating of hand lotion on each leaf before you create the rose. Other ways you can preserve leaves include using glycerin, hairspray or Modge Podge.

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