How to Make Posters for a School Election

Is it that time of year again to vote? If you are running for a position in student body and would like to use posters to persuade schoolmates to vote for you, continue reading!


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    Figure out the number of posters you are allowed to hang. Try asking the person who is in charge of the school elections or the principal. Choose a time when they are not busy and, if you easily forget things, bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Ask for other specific details, such as where/not you are allowed to hang the posters. Also, ask what they would like you use to hang the posters.
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    Purchase some poster-board at a store. Most local stores will have these supplies in the craft aisle. Look at multiple stores to make sure you are getting the best price possible. If you have the option, buy colored poster-board such as neon pink, orange, yellow, or lime-green so that the words you write on it will stand out. If you would like to be original, get plain white poster board and color the whole thing yourself!
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    Buy some markers and other supplies to create your poster with. Try to get at least one black marker, for that color will show up on most poster boards. Make sure that the color of marker you get doesn't match the color of poster board you own (for example, don't buy a red marker if you bought red poster board). For the best deal, get a big pack of markers so you'll have more variety on your posters. Also, you can buy some stickers, glitter, etc. to give your poster more color to stand out!
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    Place your poster and other supplies on a wide table. Make sure the table isn't wet or dirty, though. If the table has other items on it, you may want to remove them from the area so you will be writing on a clear, flat surface. Also, make sure there is glue, tape, and scissors near by so you will not have to get up and retrieve them later on.
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    Start creating your posters. Make big, bubble letters that spell out your name. Add a funny slogan or quote. Attach humorous pictures to the poster. Do whatever you would like, as long as your name is easy to read. If you have sloppy handwriting, you may want to let a friend or family member write out the words for you. Also, try adding a picture of yourself to the poster so that people who see it will know who you are.
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    If possible, laminate it! That way, your poster will stay dry if some people splash water on your poster. Plus, it makes it a better poster.
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    Show your poster to someone who hasn't seen your poster yet, and get feedback from them about how your poster stands out, puts the point across etc.
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    Ask for help from friends with making posters. See if they can come over to your house to help with making posters if your friends are creative. You will get way more posters completed while having fun with your friends. Tell them exactly how you want it to look, or let them surprise you with a poster design of their own. Play some music while working for some extra inspiration and to set the mood.
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    Gather all of your posters together. Roll them up, and bring them to school in something where they will not get crumpled. Make sure to bring tape, sticky tack, or whatever you plan on hanging them with along with you. Try not to ride the bus that day if you have the choice. If you're not old enough to drive, ask your parents if they could drive you to school just for that morning.
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    Find all of your friends, or people who are helping you with your campaign, and ask them to help you hang up your campaign posters. Think of ideal hanging locations, such as the front door of your school, in the cafeteria, above a popular drinking fountain, near a classroom door, etc. Make sure you hang up as many posters as you possibly can! Also, put plenty of tape on the back so it will not fall down. Place the poster high up on the wall to avoid having it torn down.


  • Try to be creative in your presentation, design, colors, and slogan on the posters!
  • Spread out all the posters, otherwise it will look like you just want to win, not feel proud of your posters and hard work.
  • Before making the poster, try cutting the board in half so you can have two posters instead of one big one.
  • Optional: If you can, try typing everything on colored or plain paper so it looks more neat and it also looks like you put more work into your posters.
  • Add your face to the posters so people will know who you are!
  • When you are hanging a poster, remember that you are showing your characteristics. Have confidence in yourself!
  • Having a fun rhyme on your poster makes it stand out but can be a little cheesy. Classic is always best but make it your own too.


  • Don't make false promises on your posters, for it may look bad on your part.
  • Don't rip down or scribble on your opponents' posters, for this looks very childish and irresponsible.
  • Don't get frustrated, or your posters won't look as good as you planned.

Things You'll Need

  • Poster board
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Printing Paper
  • Computer (optional, but more neat)
  • A happy mind and confidence in yourself
  • Scissors

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