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Did you recently get a body piercing, but are running low on cleanser to clean it with? Or do you have an established piercing that recently got infected, but don't want to buy disinfectant cleaner from the store? If any of these apply to you, or you are just looking for some tips on how to better care for your new piercings, then this article was written for you.


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    Clean and disinfect the bottle you are going to use. Bleach is one way to disinfect it.
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    After your bottle has been rinsed and dried, pour a large amount of pure sea salt into the bottle. You should use enough so it covers the entire bottom of the container. Salt dries out the skin and helps heal any 'open wounds', almost like scabbing over. You want this inside your piercing.
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    Next, pour the hydrogen peroxide into the bottle with the salt. Don't use too much, the purpose of this is to get into the piercing and foam out any infection. Peroxide is also good to use as mouthwash if you have a gum infection.
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    Now, pour water into the bottle, filling it up halfway.
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    Put the lid on your bottle, and shake it gently, paying special attention to the bottom. Make sure all the salt is dissolved. It should look cloudy.
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    Now, open your bottle, and pour a small amount (about 2 cupfuls) of Isopropyl Alcohol into the bottle. Isopropyl Alcohol kills germs on contact, instantly. It also adds a scent to your mixture.
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    Do any (or as many) of the optional additions that you see listed below.
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    After all the ingredients have been mixed together in your bottle, add water until it is completely full.
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    Replace lid firmly, shake vigorously, and enjoy your free piercing cleanser!

Optional Additions

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    Add two small drops of Tea Tree Oil to the mixture, using a small dropper. The purpose for this is because tea tree oil is a natural anti-septic, and it will further kill any infection/germs/bacteria in the piercing, or on the jewelry and skin itself. Also, it adds moisture to the skin around the site, to avoid peeling and dry, itchy skin. It also adds a nice scent to your cleanser.
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    Add a small amount of Vegetable Glycerin to the bottle. Add more than a few drops, but not as much as the alcohol. This is a more important step, although not mandatory. I strongly suggest it, because the Isopropyl Alcohol and Sea Salt are both astringents,and will severely dry out your skin in and around the piercing. Vegetable Glycerin is a all natural skin cleanser, and it adds moisture and balance to skin. It also increases skin elasticity, and is very gentle. You can even eat it to loosen your stools!
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    The last optional step is to add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to your cleanser. I add this to mine because my skin becomes irritated and flaky due to the drying agents of sea salt, peroxide and isopropyl alcohol being continuously exposed to my skin 3+ times every day. Jojoba is a golden oil that is naturally found in a nut. It adds a large amount of oil to skin/hair. It is a skin softener, and if added to your mixture, will guarantee that your skin won't be damaged by the cleanser.


  • Make sure to ALWAYS clean your piercing at least 3 times every day; sometimes more if you are active/sweating/etc.
  • Try moving your jewelry back and forth/ in and out without removing it while you disinfect. Doing this ensures that the solution gets inside the piercing, not just around it.
  • Try making your solution in a spray bottle, so that it can be used in multiple places. (ex. a belly button ring, it cleans around the area, not just on it.)
  • Always twist your piercing jewelry to make sure that your skin doesn't attach to it.
  • Try spraying some mixture onto the back of your hand in order to feel how moist/dry/ it is before you apply it. Making minor changes to the amounts of ingredients in order to better suite your skin is OK.


  • NEVER remove the earring/nose ring/belly ring/etc when cleaning, or any other time until after 2 months!
  • Make sure to clean your piercing at least 3 times a day, for at least a month and a half (45 days) when you first get it.
  • Infection may occur even when following all these steps. If so, don't panic. Just continue cleaning your piercing 3 times a day, and leave it in. It will eventually heal.
  • Tea Tree Oil is very toxic and poisonous if ingested into your body. It's for external use only, hence do not ever use more than 2 drops per full bottle!
  • Mixture may sting due only to the Isopropyl Alcohol. If this bothers you, you may decrease the amount of isopropyl alcohol to your liking.

Things You'll Need

  • Sea Salt
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 50% Isopropyl Alcohol (bottle of liquid, not wipes!)
  • Water
  • A spray bottle, or bottle with a lid
  • Optional!!* Tea Tree Oil
  • Optional!!* Vegetable Glycerin
  • Optional!!* A few drops of Jojoba Oil.

Sources and Citations

  • I have 4 piercings myself, and have always used this recipe successfully.

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