How to Make Pickle Wraps

Pickle wraps are a snack or appetizer that's delicious and very easy to make. It's great for parties, picnics, luncheons and just for getting rid of the last few pickles and lunch meat slices sitting in the fridge. This simple guide will show you what to do.


  • Fresh bologna, brisket or other deli meat of your choice
  • Whole dill pickles
  • Cream Cheese


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    Remove a package of bologna or brisket from the fridge. You really can use any type of deli meat for this but the aforementioned ones taste best in this recipe. Make sure your deli meat is fresh before using it.
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    Take out a jar of dill pickles and put them next to the deli meat. Dills taste the best in this recipe.
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    Unroll a slice of the bologna or brisket over a plate.
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    Place one dill pickle in the center of the unrolled slice.
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    Carefully wrap the combination back together and enjoy!
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  • Also, if you like this recipe, make a few extra pickle wraps and put them in the fridge overnight. Then take them as a delicious snack to work or school the next day.
  • Make sure you return the bologna, brisket or other lunch meat back to the fridge as soon as you are finished preparing your wrap(s) to prevent spoilage.
  • If you're serving this at a party or just like to be decorative, get a serving plate and align the pickle wraps along the sides of the plate. Then put some fresh baby tomatoes and extra dill pickles towards the center. You could also stick toothpicks into the wrap for easy grabbing.

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