How to Make People Happy

Making people happy is usually nice, but to make them happy, you need to really think about what you are doing.


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    When you are in a fight with someone, and you want to stop fighting, it is good to make him/her happy. Here are just a few things to do.
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    First you'll need to make him/her stop fighting. Just leave the room, or go outside. Usually people don't come after you.
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    Think about what does make him/her happy. If it's a certain topic then you should follow that. Let's take Harry Potter for example.
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    You should sing or dance to him/her, with the certain theme. Singing has proven to make people happy. If you want to read more check out make people happy with your singing.
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    You should read him/her a book. Possibly on the certain theme, but if the theme doesn't have a book. Then just think what would (s)he like the most. If your at his/her place, then just look at the bookshelves.
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    Go on doing things that you think (s)he will like.
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    You're friends again. Be Happy about it!


  • You can also sit by his/her side and start talking normally. This helps forget the fight, you can find yourself in a wonderland of thoughts. Just remember to stay on topic. Most people don't like quick topic changes. If they talk about something that bothers you, then just try to think what topic is the closest to the topic you're talking about now. For example if you're talking about food and it bothers you, then you can just change the topic to for example drinks. Which is very close to foods.


  • If you're in a serious argument, break for 5 seconds, and then suddenly start singing, the person might get annoyed. Leave an acceptable time between the two.
  • Don't do something you like a lot. Your friend might not like this.

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