How to Make Party Favors for a Casino Night

Party favors give your guests a memento of the event. They don't have to be expensive and if your budget is tight, and you are smart, you can use the favours as decorations during the event, perhaps at the tables or in a display.


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    Budget. Decide how much of your overall event budget can be spent on party favours and then calculate how much you can spend per guest. If your event has a committee, make sure they ALL agree on the budget!
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    Pick a Colour Scheme. If your event already has a colour scheme, you can skip this step! If you don't have a colour scheme, black and red are obvious choices being the colours on a roulette wheel and the two colours of playing cards. Add silver and gold and white if you like. Again, ensure everyone is agree on the scheme if applicable so you don't end up with a colour clash.
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    Adapt tradition to your theme. A Traditional favour is a net bundle tied with ribbon containing sweets, nuts etc. To make these casino themed, use chip shaped foil wrapped after dinner mints. Chip as in gambling chip of course, not the potato type! Net could be pricey so consider tissue paper or crepe paper and gift wrap ribbon instead of actual ribbon. A large plain glass vase filled with these bundles in black and red with contrasting ties would make a feature decoration. Guests could then take one as they leave. Or, scatter them on the table.
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    Buy plastic wine "glasses" or plastic champagne glasses if you can get them. Fill these with candy / sweets in your chosen colour scheme and cover with cling film / glad wrap. You could arrange these in a pyramid in the style used for serving real champagne at lavish events.
  5. 5
    Make memento "scrolls" of your event. Write, (however you like, by hand, on a PC, printing blocks if you like!) a list of what your guests enjoyed at the event, the music that was played, the food that was served, who came, any social media sites where photos will be available, whatever they will want to recall about the "do". Loosely roll the list and tie with ribbon or gift ribbon ready for handing out.
  6. 6
    Add Casino-themed items, if your budget can stretch to buying items. For example, miniature or full sized packs of playing cards, miniature bottles of alcohol (spirits or liqueurs), and small boxes of classy chocolates could be placed in gift bags in your colour scheme. Then, instead of packing the top of the bag with tissue paper, use cut out photo copied "money", by the hand full, screwed up a little as if everyone has won so much money at your casino event they have to carry it home in bags. Only photocopy Monopoly Game money or other toy money; copying legal tender could get you into trouble.
  7. 7
    Add other small trinkets to your gift bags. Chocolate coins, since your theme is Casino and gambling is all about money! Instant "one cup" coffee sachets; if it's been a late night, guests might appreciate a quick, convenient coffee the next morning. Swizzle Sticks. Dice.


  • Set a dress code at a casino themed party to keep the event classy.
  • Look in craft and party stores for money themed confetti, it does exist! These little foils shapes in dollar sign, paper money and coin form can be used to decorate your favours, or your venue.


  • Photocopying legal tender is illegal.

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