How to Make Oreo Spiders

Mmm, Oreo spiders! What better Halloween treat can there be than spiders you can dunk in milk and then eat? Don't be silly, there is nothing better than an Oreo spider! These crunchy, creamy chocolate morsels are simple to put together and make the perfect gross delicious treats for Halloween parties or for anytime you're in the mood to munch mock arachnids! You don't need any special skills, or even a strong stomach—only a few simple ingredients and a tall glass of milk. We'll show you the rest!


  • Oreos
  • Honey
  • Twizzlers twists. Black ones make good legs, and the Rainbow Twists have a variety of colors for some really creative spider legs!
  • Mini M&M's


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    Soften the little buggers up. Put the cookies in a microwave-safe bowl for about ten to fifteen seconds. This will soften up their creamy white innards. If you have a powerful microwave, check after about eight seconds—you don't want a meltdown, just a softening.
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    Pull their legs apart. Un-string the Twizzlers by taking each "twist" and peeling it into single strands.
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    Little hoppers or daddy long-legs? Cut the Twizzler strings into 1-inch (2.5cm) pieces. For daddy long-legs, go for a full 2 inches.
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    Attach the legs. Stick four Twizzle-legs into each side of the Oreo to make spider's legs. If you really love Twizzlers, you can stick in more, and just call it a mutant spider!
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    Honey-glue the eyeballs on the spider. Use a toothpick to put two dabs of honey on the Oreo where you want the eyes to be, and then stick the M&M's on to these dots. Alternately, you can dab the M&Ms with the honey, and stick where desired. Orange M&Ms would be very good for Halloween.
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    Munch your spiders! Serve them as a snack or dessert, yummy! If using as a Halloween snack, arrange on a platter with other "scary food" to make it into a Halloween feast.


  • Brush or dab honey on the top of the spider, and use sprinkles to add colorful decorations—or just use brown or black sprinkles to make a hairy spider. Yuck!
  • Standard Oreos are fine, but you can also use double-stuffed Oreos for a fat spider. Oreos also come with a Halloween orange filling, too, so check for those in your grocery store.
  • If you are having trouble getting the Twizzlers to stick to the Oreo, put it back into the microwave for a few seconds to let the cream in the center melt a little more.
  • It's a well-known fact that Oreo spiders love milk. If you love Oreo spiders, and you love milk, then dunk away—your spider will be smiling...until you eat it!
  • Use cotton candy or make a spun sugar web for serving up these crunchy critters.

Things You'll Need

  • Microwave proof plate
  • Knife or scissors for cutting candy and board
  • Serving plate

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