How to Make Moth Repellent Sachets

Commercial moth repellent products are not always the nicest smelling items and there is a question mark over the health impacts of using naphthalene (moth balls) in the home. It is possible to make your own moth repellent sachets for use at home that are very effective and have no side effects for human health when used as sachets. This article demonstrates how.


(Amounts dependent on size of sachet; use equal amounts of each, such as a third or half of a cup)

  • Lavender flowers (buds), dried
  • Lemon peel dried and in small pieces
  • Cloves, crushed
  • Mint or spearmint, dried (it will crumble easily, so handle carefully)
  • Tansy or feverfew, leaves and flowers, dried


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    Make sachets using suitable fabric such as muslin or calico. The size of the sachets is dependent on how large you wish to make them; smaller sachets are suitable for drawers and larger ones are best for cupboards and wardrobes. If you are going to hang your sachet, attach a ribbon or an elastic loop that you can use to hang it with. Leave an opening one end for the insertion of the contents.
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    Combine the ingredients well.
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    Fill your sachets with equal quantities of the ingredients listed above.
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    Stitch the sachet together by hand.
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    Attach any decorative elements if wished.
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    Place in your drawers, blanket chest or hang in wardrobes.


  • If you have the patience, combine the ingredients in a glass jar and set aside for 2 - 3 months to allow the essential oils to slowly release and combine. Remove and crush the contents before placing in a sachet. If you need to get some moth prevention happening immediately, use the method described in the steps above for fast prevention and then use this method for longer-term, higher effectiveness.
  • These sachets should be replaced yearly. During the time that you use them, give them a crush every now and then to release the essential oils and rejuvenate their effectiveness.


  • As with any pest repellent, keep these sachets out of the reach of children and pets.

Things You'll Need

  • Muslin, calico, thin cotton or similar fabric to make a sachet
  • Thread
  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Ceramic bowl for mixing ingredients

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