How to Make Money From Digital Photography

Digital photography provides you the convenience and cost effectiveness that film photography never did, and as such, you can easily learn how to make money from digital photography because digital is much more cost effective. From starting your own business to freelancing for others, turning your camera into a high-paying investment can quickly become attainable.


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    Perfect your craft for the biggest possible payout. People usually aren't going to pay a beginning photographer to do work for them, so make sure that you have learned and perfected the basics of photography.
    • Take classes to improve your photography skills.
    • Join a local photography club to have them critique your work to help you improve.
    • Enter photography contests to have additional critiques made of your work, and if you win, you can use that to help build your credibility and possibly win cash or prizes.
    • Find a mentor to study under or work with to better yourself.
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    Decide on a goal for your photography work once you have mastered the basics.
    • Choose a style that suits you. You can learn different styles by looking at other people's work, copying it at first, and then creating your own nuances to make it your own.
    • Figure out what kind of photography work you want to do. Do you want to shoot weddings? Do you prefer nature photography? Is your preference shooting kids and families? Think of a market that fits the style of photography work that you are good at and have an interest in doing.
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    Set a budget for equipment, and purchase what you need as your budget allows. A good camera and accessories should quickly pay for themselves once you start getting work, so purchase a quality digital camera that will do the things that you want it to do.
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    Market yourself once you have settled on a target demographic.
    • Consider creating a website to promote your business. Tailor the look to fit your personality, but also take into consideration what your target market will like and want to see.
    • Create social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to broaden your reach and spread the word about your photography business and work.
    • Think about fliers in prominent places, hopping on message boards to talk about what you offer and emailing your family and friends as ways to promote your business.
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    Start small and build your way up.
    • Start by doing free or low-cost work for family and friends to help build your portfolio.
    • Consider no-cost work for local nonprofits to put your name into the community and build your portfolio.
    • Begin to show your portfolio work to interested individuals, and consider offering a starting rate to the earlier people you work with in your career. Give them the incentive of being a part of your portfolio, and as such, tell them that you will knock 25 to 50 percent off their total bill.
    • Advance your work to full-paying jobs. Still offer the occasional discounts to loyal customers or to new customers, but don't shortchange yourself at the point that you feel that your work deserves the amount for which you are asking.
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    Purchase or lease a studio or meeting space as your budget allows. This will lend credibility to your business.
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    Join business networking groups to make new acquaintances and to grow your business.
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    Sell or license your stock photography for additional revenue.


  • Keep working with nonprofits at little to no cost. This will help you continue to keep your name in front of the public, and it gives you credibility as an established photographer if you continue to shoot for a particular organization every year.

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