How to Make Miss La Sen in Thai traditional Chakkraphat paper cutting

Cutting paper shapes and assembling them to form an image is simple. Any shapes can be combined, collage styles, to form an image. If you are a fan of Miss La Sen from the Sorim Story boardgame, “ Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life” song and the “Story at Sorim town” comic book, you can follow these steps to create an picture of Miss La Sen in a Thai traditional Chakkraphat, costume is similar to Chakkri - the unique Thai traditional dress which worn for royal and national ceremonies. Get started at step number one below.


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    Search online for the pattern. Copy the shapes shown in the image below or obtain the pattern how ever you can. Print out the pattern on a sheet of A4 size paper. Cut out all your paper templates.
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    Draw round the body template piece on thick some art paper or washi Japanese paper and cut it out.
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    Draw around the headband and flower. Glue them the same as way as the picture did.
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    Cut the blue bow. Glue it onto the headband.
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    Cut the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Glue them onto the face.
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    Cut the yellow blouse and glue it.
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    Cut the violet skirt and glue it under the blouse.
  8. Image titled 2bvc8
    Cut the underlining of the skirt and glue it.
  9. Image titled 2bvc9
    Cut the dominating diagonal strip.
  10. Image titled 2bvc10
    Cut the 2 red borders for the diagonal piece. Glue them onto the main strip.
  11. Image titled 2bvc11
    Cut the rear strip.
  12. Image titled 2bvc12
    Glue the rear strip behind the left shoulder. Cut the shoes and glue them onto the skirt.
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    Glue it onto the paper frame. You can draw some orchid flowers, the Thai national flower, on the card. The Songkran, Loy Krathong Festivals are coming, you can make this craft to celebrate these big events as a souvenir gift.

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