How to Make Memory Wire Chokers

Memory wire is a useful and commonly used material for jewellery making. Unlike other wires, memory wire jewellery doesn't require a clasp, as the wire holds its shape around the neck or wrist. This article shows you how to make a simple memory wire choker, an easy project suitable for beginners.


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    Cut the memory wire. Cut a piece measuring 32-34cm (12.5" x 13.3"). The length should overlap about 2-3cm (0.78" x 1.1") when worn.
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    Decide on your design. When designing the necklace, keep in mind the size and colors of the beads, as well as whether you want to create a patterned effect or to keep it fairly plain and simple. Other things to consider include:
    • If you want a pendant or for the necklace to have a central focus, you'll need to start beading from the middle. Doing so will ensure that the necklace design stays symmetrical. Leave both ends open and feed the beads on from both sides.
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    • If you're going to use a repeated pattern, simply bend one end of the wire into a loop to prevent the beads falling off.
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    Thread the beads onto the necklace. Keep adding beads until you're about 1cm (0.39") from the end.
    • If making a symmetrical design, it's recommended that you leave 2cm (0.78") at each side to prevent the beads from falling off when finishing the necklace.
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    Bend the ends into a loop. Use round nosed or needle nosed pliers to create loops at each end of the memory wire; this prevents the beads from falling off. Cut off any excess wire and ensure that the jewellery piece is shaped as you want it. It's now ready to wear or to give to someone as a gift.


  • Experiment with different combinations of beads. Use a bead board to create the pattern before threading. This will allow you to continue rearranging until you're happy with the final result and each bead is neatly in order, ready to thread.
  • Add different charms to the necklaces you make; charms give a piece of jewellery an added unique touch and can be used to personalize it, such as adding a horse charm for a horse lover, etc.


  • Cut wire is sharp. It is recommended that eye protection is worn to prevent injury caused by small pieces of wire flying off when cut.

Things You'll Need

  • Memory wire (buy the size that says "choker" or "necklace" length)
  • Beads (keep the majority of these fairly small to avoid the necklace looking bulky)
  • Memory wire cutters
  • Round or needle nosed pliers (not jewellery pliers, they are not strong enough for memory wire and may be damaged)

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