How to Make Matching Clothes for Couples

When two people fall in love with each other, usually you want to show the world how much you love each other. You two hang out all day, walk together, eat together and travel together. There is no end. And there is a direct, simple way to show it: make couple clothes yourselves that only belong to you. You don’t have to make complicated clothes. The popular custom T-shirts or home-made T-shirts express enough nowadays. And of course, home-made T-shirts mean far more than custom T-shirts. Couple T-shirts are not complicated as people consider. You can design one with one material once for all: iron on transfers. Iron on transfers make DIY different because it is flexible and ever-changing. All you two do is to print, iron and wear. Of course there is something we cannot ignore conventionally when we deal with personalized T-shirt.


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    Start out with plain old T-shirts. There are usually 2 options, purchasing new blank T-shirts or use the old T-shirts. It goes without saying purchasing blank T-Shirts is ideal first option. As for old T-shirts, more room left to decorate, the better. If there is no much room, what we can do is to decorate in a small space, which will make difference, too to some extent.
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    Consider iron on transfers. Iron on transfers for letter and number or cherished moment. Every couple T-shirt has its themes, such as love words (like “love you forever”), a sign (like two hearts impaled by an arrow or a picture two T-shirts make up only when you two are together), or unforgettable moment you take a picture when you are going out. About their font, we can search online or design our own with design software.
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    Pay attention to iron on transfer materials. Now there are various iron-on transfers in the market. And each has its own features and results. Without taking it into consideration will result into a different T-shirt. Eco-solvent heat transfers are becoming the new favorite of DIYers because the innovative matte digital media is perfect for printing high quality, full-color custom graphics. It has excellent stretch and rebound properties, great durability and opacity, and will not crack or come off. It is printed by eco-solvent ink and specially made for both light and dark garments including all fabric.
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    Printer and a household iron. Each iron on transfer gets its own suitable printer, like inkjet printer for inkjet heat transfers, laser printer for laser heat transfer paper, eco-solve inkjet printer for eco solvent heat transfers. And when it comes to iron on transfers, a household or heat press machine cannot be neglected, too.


  • You don’t have to follow the above. If you are good at drawing, why not draw? There is special acrylic paint for painting on fabric. Actually you are not good at it, you can have fun from it. If you are good at sewing, sew some accessories, which definitely make difference from other normal homemade T-shirts. In short, there is no limitation in DIY.
  • The process is not only about fun and love, but also about safety. Use a rubber mat under your feet if have your heat press in a carpeted area. The heat press generates static electricity - a rubber mat will help reduce shocks.
  • Have fun with making couple clothes yourselves.
  • You can make personalized T-shirts or purchase custom T-shirts as a gift for your love. What’s more, you can also send custom T-shirts to family. You can imagine how sweet you are going to be when family is wearing the same special T-shirts.
  • Don’t put too much information on T-shirts, otherwise it will confuse people.

Things You'll Need

  • blank T-shirts or old T-shirts
  • Iron on transfers
  • A Printer
  • A household iron
  • Scissors and Tweezers
  • a cover sheet or a cloth to cover transfer

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