How to Make Marzipan Toadstools

Two Parts:Preparing the marzipanMaking the toadstools

Marzipan toadstools replicate the red-capped toadstools with white spots commonly used as fairytale fungi in many a story from days of old. They're an ideal addition to a party for a fairy fan or for decorating a cake scene. Just be aware that marzipan is made from a nut base, so it's not suitable for a nut-allergic person to eat.


For 8 toadstools:

  • 250g/ 9 oz colorless or "white" marzipan
  • Red food coloring, several drops

Part 1
Preparing the marzipan

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    Cut the block of marzipan with a sharp knife. Wrap one half in plastic food wrap and put the other half into a small bowl.
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    Add a drop of red food coloring to the bowl. Mix into the marzipan with your fingers. Add another drop and see how the color improves. Add more drops if needed; judge this as you go.
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    Break the newly red marzipan into 8 evenly sized pieces.

Part 2
Making the toadstools

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    Roll a red piece of marzipan into a ball. Squash the ball between your thumb and forefinger to form a mushroom shape. Push your thumb right up and under the ball to create a hollow. Repeat for the remaining 7 pieces.
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    Wash your hands before handling the white marzipan. This will ensure that you don't transfer any red coloring to the white. Unwrap the half of the marzipan you earlier set aside. Turn this into spots: break off a third of the marzipan, then roll it into many little balls of varying sizes.
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    Press several little white marzipan balls onto each red toadstool top. Break the remaining piece of marzipan into 8 pieces, to create the stalks.
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    To make the stalks, roll each piece of marzipan between your fingers. Gently press a spotted toadstool top onto the top of each stalk.
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    Use as needed. The toadstools can be eaten like candy if you like marzipan, added to a cake top, used in sugar craft designs, etc.


  • Marzipan can be sourced from stores that supply cake ingredients or from a specialty grocery store.
  • Marzipan is not to everyone's liking but it is at least edible and won't harm any other food items that it is placed on, such as a cake topping.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic food wrap
  • Small bowl
  • Cutting board or other clean surface to work on

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