How to Make Luggage Easier to Spot

Six Methods:Printable Luggage TagsLuggage tagsRibbons and fabricCords or beltsStickers or tapeOther identifiers

After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is pull a dozen pieces of luggage off a baggage carousel to check which one is yours. The best way to avoid this is to buy unique luggage, but if you already have luggage that looks like everyone else's, here are some ways to make it stand out.

Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags

Method 1
Luggage tags

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    Print and laminate your own custom luggage tags. You can buy inexpensive ID making kits online that allow you to print your own ID sized cards and laminate them.
    • Once you design and print them on the computer, use a pouch laminator to laminate the luggage tag card and use a hole-puncher to punch a clean hole through the card.
    • Attach the luggage ID card to your luggage using ribbon or string.
    • Using this method can give your luggage a professional and clean look, or allow you to customize it with digital pictures.
    • An inexpensive ID printing and lamination kit works well.
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    Create larger and brighter than normal luggage tags. Create these with colored paper, pictures you find online, and other craft supplies. Have them laminated at your local office supply store or print shop.
    • This is a great project for kids. Encourage them to color with bright markers on one side of the tags.
    • Print your name and mobile phone number on the opposite side of the tag.
    • Have several laminated on one sheet and cut them apart with scissors. Leave about 1/2" of laminate around the tag.
    • Punch a hole at the top of the tag, through the laminate and use a zip tie or a shoestring to attach to your luggage.

Method 2
Ribbons and fabric

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    Tie a brightly colored, thick ribbon to your suitcase. This is common, though, so make sure your ribbon stands out in a crowd! Alternatively, you can use a piece of fabric. Make sure the ribbon or fabric is fastened securely on the handle so it does not fall off. Avoid making it so long that it can catch on something (like a conveyor belt).
    • Check fabric stores and look in the discount bins for deep discount remnants of fabric or ribbon. Look for bright colors, metallic fabrics, or ribbon.
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    Use an old scarf or look in thrift stores or discount bins for bright scarves. Try to find something cheap or use something that you will not mind being lost or damaged in transit. Scarves with picks or stains are usually deep discounted since they are difficult to clean.
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    Use multiple ribbons. Look for extra fabric ribbons or recycle ribbons from gift packages. If you find brightly colored ribbons, you can braid several together of various colors to give you a thick ribbon that is easier to see. Do not be afraid to add long strips of various other fabrics cut into ribbon-like strips. Remember to use longer pieces since the braiding will shorten it
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    Buy a package of brightly colored bandanas. Look in sale racks around holidays for less common (than red or blue) colors. Easter may offer more pastel alternatives.
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    Recycle an old t-shirt. Do not throw away a brightly colored shirt because of a stain or tear. Cut the bottom into large 4"-6" strips and use these to tie to your luggage handle. You can also dye strips from white t-shirts to a bright pink or purple color. Use your tie-dye skills to create a one of a kind marker for your bag. This is a great way to get some use out of shirts that are too small or those free shirts that are given away as marketing tools. Often those free shirts are of low quality fabric or odd colors; this is a great way to make use of them.

Method 3
Cords or belts

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    Tie a neon paracord to the handle. Use a cobra stitch or Turk's head knot.[1]
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    Use colorful zip ties.
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    Use a luggage belt. Look for one with a rainbow of colors, interesting patterns or somehow customizable. It'll keep your gear intact and make the bag easier to spot.
    • Add your own unique collection of embroidered "sleeves" by sliding them onto the belt. You can collect sleeves representing countries, states, sports, inspirational, etc. These can be a way to express yourself, as well as being a unique identifier. Indeed, they can be a great conversation starter. Luggage sleeves will work well on a backpack, golf bag, board bag or other 2 inch (5.1 cm) strapping.

Method 4
Stickers or tape

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    Put duct tape on your bag. Colored duct tape works best. You could also write a name or some other identifier using duct tape.
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    Affix iron-on patches to the luggage. This method works best if you decorate several sides so you can recognize your bag from any angle. Luggage can be recognizable easier if you have unique or colorful patches.
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    Stick many colorful stickers on your luggage. You can mix and match large and small ones, as required.

Method 5
Other identifiers

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    Spray paint your luggage. Choose an interesting design, turn it into a stencil and spray paint it in place.
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    Attach a large image of your pet to the luggage. This could be by way of a luggage tag, an image affixed to the bag or spray painted in place.
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    Glue on lots of sequins or small decorative craft items. While many are bound to fall off with travel, a lot will stay in place, and these are cheap and easily replaced.


  • Decorate your luggage while you have time, do not wait until the morning before you depart for your trip.
  • Use multiple luggage tags, attached to different spots. Luggage handlers can accidentally break off tags.
  • Luggage tags with your photo are useful in countries with other languages or alphabets.
  • Use yarn and duct tape to make shapes on your suitcase. It's stylish and unique!


  • Don't use tags that suggest something else. For example, no tags that say "Dynamite", especially in a foreign country.

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