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How to Make Lemon or Lime Water

Two Parts:Making Citrus WaterAdding Variation

Hydration is vital to maintaining a healthy body, but many people struggle to drink enough water every day. Adding lemons, limes or both to water can be an affordable way to create a refreshing, enjoyable drink. Lemon or lime water adds an elegant touch to a dinner party, and is also a refreshing beverage to be enjoyed every day. You can make it at home following a few simple steps.

  • Prep time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time (steeping): 3 hours
  • Total time: 3 hours, 10 minutes

Part 1
Making Citrus Water

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    Place a glass pitcher in your freezer a day before you wish to make your lemon or lime water. This is an optional step but doing so will also keep your water colder for a longer period of time when you choose to serve your lemon or lime water.
    • Chilling the pitcher gives it a frosty look perfect for cooling down guests on a hot summer day.
    • You can also place glasses in the freezer so that each of your guests has a drink that is as refreshing as possible.
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    Prepare the fruit. Remove any stickers and wash the fruit carefully, as you will be putting the peel directly into the water. Place the lemons or limes on a cutting board and cut fruit into several slices.
    • Using both lemons and limes is a great way to add more flavor to your water.
    • Cut each lemon/lime across its width rather than from end to end so that each piece is a perfect circle. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the pitcher.[1]
    • Remove any seeds that may pose a choking hazard or interfere with your enjoyment while drinking.
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    Place the fruit in the pitcher. Squeeze the lemons and limes slightly to release their juice, allowing the slices to retain their attractive round shape. The fruit will float, so if you desire a stronger infusion add a layer of ice to keep the citrus below the surface of the water.
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    Fill the pitcher with water. The infusion will be stronger the longer it is allowed to rest, so place the pitcher in the fridge for at least three hours to allow the fruit to steep. If you choose not to chill your pitcher in advance, this will also make the drink colder and more refreshing.[2]
    • The same fruits can be reused for multiple batches of lemon or lime water. When a small amount of flavored water remains, simply refill the pitcher and allow it to sit again.
    • After several batches the water will seem less flavorful. Discard the fruits and prepare a fresh batch.
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    Enjoy your lemon or lime water. Whether you're cooling off on a hot day, hoping to impress at a dinner party or just trying to stay hydrated, lemon or lime water is a great option.

Part 2
Adding Variation

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    Include other fruits. Fresh berries can add color and flavor to citrus water without adding calories. Wash the fruit carefully, and if any stems remain, remove them. Larger fruits, such as peaches should be peeled and sliced into small chunks before being added.
    • Strawberries contain potassium which can help lower blood pressure. Slice strawberries prior to adding them.[3]
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    Add mint to the water. Wash several mint leaves and slice them into narrow ribbons to release more flavor.
    • Mint is easy to grow in most gardens, and can also be found in the produce section of the supermarket.
    • Adding mint to the citrus water will give it a sweeter taste without adding sugar.
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    Use sparkling water in place of still water. Consider adding a small amount of sparkling water to a glass of premade citrus water, to allow for maximum bubbles and flavor.
    • Remember that sparkling water will go flat over time, so it is better to chill it in the original unopened bottle prior to adding it.
    • Club soda or other carbonated waters can give the sensation of drinking soda without adding the calories or sugar of commercially available drinks.
    • If calories are a consideration, remember to check the label of the sparkling water to be sure you aren’t accidentally adding more than just bubbles.[4]
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    Be creative. Adding other flavorful spices or fruits can change the taste and appearance of citrus water. Experimenting with new flavors may result in a new favorite drink. Try for a more exotic version by adding ginger or pineapple.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger for lemon or lime water with a zing.
    • Freeze fresh or canned slices of pineapple for a quick tasty additive. Add 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks to the pitcher for a more fruity flavor.

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