How to Make Leftovers Into Tasty New Meals

Everyone experiences having leftovers, whether they're from a holiday meal or an everyday dinner. Instead of having leftovers or the same thing all over again, people tend to make a new dish and end up with even more leftovers. Be creative with the food you already have and save money on groceries. Here is some ways to make leftovers into new and interesting meals.


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    Look at what you have for leftovers. If you have one main dish, such as rotisserie chicken, make that your main ingredient. If you have multiple items such as variety of vegetables, incorporate a meal that involves most of them.
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    Ask yourself how old the leftovers are. The "age" of the leftover food can be a minor and small factor. Some foods like steak could dry up the next day. On the other hand, other foods like white rice, can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-4 days and are perfect to use in dishes, for example fried rice.
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    Check your cupboards and pantries. Cream of mushroom soup is an excellent "helper" to use in casseroles. Use garlic with leftover chicken and pasta to make a delicious garlic chicken Alfredo dish.
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    Experiment with restaurant leftovers. Many foods in this category can be created into new meal ideas. Use Asian noodles in a cold noodle salad or Mexican fajita vegetables in a breakfast omelet[1].
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    Make interesting dips. Microwave leftover gravy to use with biscuits or dunk toasted bread in leftover marinara or pasta sauce.
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    Give toddlers your vegetables! Leftover cooked carrots and peas make excellent finger foods. Mashed potatoes are a messy, but great starter food to use a spoon with. Cut up leftover chicken and potatoes into cubes to make a creamy chicken & potatoes dish.


  • Tired of turkey from Thanksgiving? Tear the meat into strips and mix it into your dog's or cat's food.
  • Feel free to look into any recipe books or online recipe collections for ideas by using your leftovers as key/main ingredients.

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