How to Make Kamaboko Fan Slices

Kamaboko, sometimes referred to as fish cake, is a Japanese processed seafood product. It's a popular addition in noodle and rice dishes and other meals. One unique cutting technique you can do with kamaboko is to create fan slices – this wikiHow article shows you how.


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    Position the kamaboko horizontally on your cutting board.
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    Use a sharp knife and put the tip of the knife at the bottom of other side of the roll. Hold the other side of the roll with your other hand.
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    Slice the roll while wiggling the knife back and forth gently. You'll see "waves" appear as you cut against the uncut portion.
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    Continue wiggling the knife until you get a full cut.[[Image:Kamaboko_540.JPG}}
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    Repeat with the rest of the kamaboko roll. Arrange on the serving plate to make the fan slices appear to their best advantage.

Things You'll Need

  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • Kamaboko

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