How to Make Jewellery With Straws

Whether you're entertaining kids or yourself on a boring afternoon, straw jewelry can be an inexpensive way to be a little creative without requiring much skill. Incorporating paints, buttons, or other materials into the design can change it from a basic craft to actual jewelry suitable for street wear.


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    Gather your materials.
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    Paint the straws, if that appeals to you. Wait for it to dry before handling the straws.
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    Cut the straws into pieces of different lengths. Longer pieces can be bent into shapes, while shorter pieces can be used like beads.
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    Cut the string into pieces long enough for bracelets or necklaces.
    • If using wire, do the same, preferably with small cutting pliers. Wire can dull the blades of scissors.
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    Cut the construction paper up into different shapes and sizes. Kids old enough to safely handle scissors can do this part, too.
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    Arrange the straw pieces on the strings. Weave in buttons, or glue pom-poms or sequins to the straws. Children might also enjoy adding noodles or Cheerios to their jewelry. Use a hole punch or a pen to poke holes in the paper shapes to string them on, or glue them directly to the straws.
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    Tie the string's ends together once a project is completed. Children might appreciate having a bracelet tied directly around their wrist so that it fits them well.
    • If using wire, twist the ends together.


  • Metallic paint can make the straw look less like plastic and more like "grown-up" jewelry.
  • Crafting with kids can get messy, but that's okay! Keep a broom and sponge nearby if mess a serious concern.


  • If using paints, especially spray paints, follow all cautions and directions on the labels. Look for a label on acrylic paints saying "non-toxic," and spray paint outside if possible.
  • Keep small objects (buttons, sequins, etc.) away from children, especially children under four.

Things You'll Need

  • Multi-colored plastic straws
  • String or thread
  • Scissors
  • Thin jewelry wire, for a more fashionable look (optional)
  • Pom-poms, buttons, or other decorations (optional)
  • Acrylic or spray paint (optional)
  • Construction paper (optional)

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